Friday, April 21, 2006

C'mon-a my house, my house, I'm-a gonna give you candy

OK, I haven't posted all week whilst on holiday, so does it seem kinda skeevy that I'm returning to post some MEAT on Friday? I'm guessing the answer is two-pronged, the first prong being YES and the second prong being WE WOULDN'T EXPECT OTHERWISE. I'm sure I'll have lots to say about the trip laters, but to preface the MEAT, I have to say that the ski mountains of Whistler/Blackcomb are positively TEEMING with nubile, young Australians of both sexes. Quantas must fly them here by the planeload to service our every Western Canadian whim. Anyway, the young hotness with whom I rode the gondola (sadly, in only the more benign sense) Thursday put me in mind of this young hotness from House (love, love, LOVE that show), but in the end, I'm doing Hugh Laurie. Oh, I can hear the hue and cry already from all you prancing youth-obsessed nancies out there, but save it bitches. Hugh is fine. FINE. FOO-INE. Of course, for me, the limp he affects as Greg House don't hurt one bit.Note: Apologies to you, Maddie, darling, and Bodhi, darling, for temporarily ignoring your suggestion of the Hartnett. I'm looking forward to seeing his latest, but my tastes are running to more vintage models at the moment.


Michael Guy said...

Exactly what age are you referencing for 'vintage models?' Am I there yet?

Enjoy your time away, Michael!

Michael said...

"Vintage" is > or = ME

Had a blast. I'm flying home in the morning.

Make the best of your bidness trip.

maddie said...

I'm glad you had a great vacation - and that it included so much eye candy. That's always important.

I have NO problem with you choosing Hugh Laurie for a Friday - I think he is damn sexy. Not many people I know think that, so it's nice to find out that someone else noticed it!

Jen said...

save it bitches

I love when you call us nasty names. Missed you.

Bodhi said...

Oh, I can hear the hue and cry already from all you prancing youth-obsessed nancies out there, but save it bitches


OK Mikey, moi thinks you crossed way over the line with this one. I mean, really! Have you looked at him? The only place he is going to be 'young' is in a nursing home, and then one woulld still require the old dears to be under heavy medication.

In those immortal words of Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:


And speaking of youth obsessed, after catching up with a friend last Friday night I found myself well and truly firing on all cylinders and needing something to do. So like all gay boys in Newtown, I decided to head down to The Imperial Hotel (of Priscilla fame) and catch some drag shows, and hit the dancefloor.

Well, believe it or not this would be the first time that I have ever been to The Imperial on my own. And my, oh my, what a different experience that is. All of a sudden, it's like you have a large pink neon sign (complete with glitterball) over your head that screams "single!" to the entire establishment. I had men coming up to me all night. I felt like a cheap piece of prime meat ...

... it was Faaaaabulous!!

Anyhoo, after securing front row seats for the 1am show (in order to better see my dancin' boy Marcello), I met up with this late 20's cutie by the name of Phil. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know I am back at the Youth Hostel in Newtown where he is temporarily staying, and we shagged senseless. No sleeping was involved, I can assure you.

We exchanged numbers, and it took me about 10 minutes to walk home. I climbed into bed around 5am.


PS. I can't believe you called me a 'prancing youth-obsessed nancy'. I have never in my life been known to .... prance. Frolic maybe, but that's entirely another story.


Q - 60's girl said...

"cheap" and "prime meat" all in one sentence!!! Gorgeous :)

xiaoxia said...

Do we have the same taste in guys?!? I LOVE Hugh Laurie so much. Actually, I think I'm in love with Dr. House, but oh well...he's so hot! He is the definition of the word "pimp."

freakgirl said...

Thank god you're back.