Sunday, April 09, 2006

Don't need no hateration, holleratin'

So if three out of four leading posts deal with the faggots, will you hold it against me? Part of the blame/credit goes to my TiVo wishlist ferreting out the broadcast "gay". Another show that I caught this weekend on PBS, NOW with David Brancaccio, dealt with gay adoption in Florida, the only state where it is completely banned. Check out the link for great information on the topic. You can read for yourself, but I want to share a bit from the story of Curtis and Scott, a couple who have taken in two sisters who were shuttled from foster home to foster home. They had suffered from abuse at the hands of their biological parents. Curtis and Scott took them in and gave them a home, albeit a foster home, as there can be no adoption by a homosexual, single or coupled, in Florida. A complete ban. This family has suffered periodic reviews of their case where the children were hours from being taken away from their only stability, their only real home. One of their daughters wrote this letter around the time when their living situation was being reviewed:
Dear Dad and Daddy, I love you and you love me, when I am bad and when I am good. You gave me a home when no one would. I am here forever. Love , Your Home Slice Angelina
A Republican judge ruled in favor of these sisters staying with Dad and Daddy, thanking them for "stopping the cycle of abuse" and writing that Curtis and Scott demonstrated "phenomenal parenting skills" and "commitment when the State of Florida prohibits them from legally committing."

Did I hear right that there are 100,000 kids in foster care that prove difficult to adopt out? There was a lawyer who specialized in these cases on the show. He had this to say:
There are people in the state of Florida who are homosexuals who would take these children. I don't know how many. I don't know if it's one, if it's a dozen, or if there are hundred and I don't really care. But I'll tell you who cares. This child cares. ::shows series of pictures:: She cares a great deal. And what the ban does is prevent good outcomes for those kids. It prevents them from finding someone to love them.
So, can the supporters of this ban honestly say that they have the best interests of children in mind when they regard the state as a better parent than a homosexual?


The Other Andrew said...

Sadly, the people who think we can't parent are usually the same people who think we all can't be trusted around children. Blind ignorance is, well, blind. Children respond to love, stability and security, period.

Lovely post Mike, now I have to go explain why I'm tearing up at my desk.

Michael said...

The FAMILY was lovely, Andrew. Those girls had serious problems from the abuse and now seem stable and healthy and happy (that's the family in the picture). As you say, it can only be blind ignorance and hatred that would have them removed from their home.

And if anyone ever hears of an actual study that shows kids are in any way harmed by having two loving parents of whichever sex, let me know. ANY study. ONE study. A scrap of fact.

Also, how many families do you know that are this supposedly idyllic combination of a loving mother and loving father anyway? I know some pretty fucked up nuclear families. It's about the PEOPLE, people! But you knew that.

freakgirl said...

"Your Home Slice."

I love her.

Michael Guy said...

Ditto, et al. Very good post. Though admittedly you had me with the M. Blige headline. YOU playah, you!

PS- My lips drive you that mad? Should I sell them on eBay?

Michael said...

Come on baby just party with me
Let loose and set your body free
Leave your situations at the door
So when you step inside, jump on the floor

Dude, every time I see your picture the voice in my head is all, "That boy sure does have a perty mouth." PFLs. Pouty full lips. Stick my....oh, sorry, was that out loud? Where was I?

And freakgirl, if you're still around, those girls were just ADORABLE. Apparently they were severely troubled and had been through a dozen foster homes before they landed with my boyz. When Daddy was braiding lil' home slice's hair, I melted and when Dad read that letter and his voice broke on "you gave me home when no one would," I melted. I never picture myself with kids, though I gotta say they tend to love me (I think it's because my head is outsized compared to my body, like theirs), sometimes I can imagine trying to help a kid like that.