Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sometimes love don't feel like it should

  • So I finally busted out that guitar I bought the other weekend. I spent about 90 minutes with it last night. I now know how to tune it and I can play two chords. OK, I can kinda play two chords. You can congratulate me now.
  • This week I surpassed my vacation induced weight loss goal. Thank you, Fitday. And thank you, Obsessive Twice Daily Workouts. But alas, no abs. Can it be that the age when that was possible for me has passed unobserved? I so missed it. And miss it. Still, I did steal those board shorts today, so I might amuse you later with a picture of them. On me. Holding your breath?
  • Who am I to say that you MUST use your turn signal when driving? That's a choice you can make but I feel it should come with some consequence. Like you should be required to drive with the turn signal stalk shoved up your ass.
  • Until the SFU Season 5 DVDs showed up on my doorstep, I didn't realize how much I'd missed you dear, dear Fisher family. Especially you, Keith, my big, black sex cop. I can't wait to see how it all turns out for each one of you.


freakgirl said...

Yes, picture!

Congrats on your weight goal, too.

Steve said...

I haven't watched SFU in ages. HBO had two re-runs on the other night that I did get to watch. And yea, you + boardshorts = picture.

Bodhi said...

Personally, I'm thinking boardshorts tastefully draped in the background over a wooden bench, with a shot of you naked, from the back, water running down your body, taking a shower to wash all that salty brine off your weight loss goal hotness ....



Michael said...

If I can get flattering light....and a flattering angle....maybe. ;-)

Michael said...

I love it when we simul-post, Bodhi. And I love how hot I am in your head. If only.

Bodhi said...

Now, now, Mikey. Moi being a hothead aside, don't be modest. I am absolutely sure that you are quite the hotness.

I look foward with great antici ....

of the photo.

Bodhi said...

It's all your fault for making me think of that movie, Mikey. Just the whole idea of the potentiality in that photo has be channeling Janet ..

I was feeling done in,
couldn't win.
I'd only ever kissed before.
I thought there's no use getting
into heavy petting,
it only leads to trouble...
...and seat wetting.

Now all I want to know
is how to go.
I've tasted blood and I want more.
[More, more, more]

I'll put up no resistance
I want to stay the distance.
I've got an itch to scratch,
I need assistance.
Toucha toucha toucha touch me!

I want to be dirty.
Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me!
Creature of the night.

Then if anything grows,
while you pose,
I'll oil you up,
and rub you down.
[Down, down, down.]

And that's just one small fraction
of the main attraction.
You need a friendly hand,
I need action.

Toucha toucha toucha touch me!
I want to be dirty.
Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me!
Creature of the night.

Jen said...

I'm gravely disappointed to note that this thread has the sound of Susan Sarandon in her underwear but sadly lacks the sight of same.

::looks around::

Oh. Maybe because I am the only person at this entire blog who finds that interesting. :)

Michael said...

Hey, hey, hey! There's at least one straight guy reading. And surely there must be a lesbian or two (they travel in pairs, don't they?). But Susan Sarandon? Really? I'd only choose Susan if the choice was between Thelma or Louise because, well, Geena Davis.

Bodhi said...

Well, I didn't make him for YOU.

Don't dream it, be it.

PS. Thelma and Louise? BAH! I'll take the young hitchhiker in the cowboy hat ... ;-)

Michael Guy said...

Boardshorts! J'adore boardshorts! Picture to follow? I, too, lament the passing of SFU. My Sunday nights are considerably more funky without my dream stud, Nate.

You can have Keith; I so need to master Nate.

Jen said...

Susan Sarandon? omg omg omg, so smokin' hot, and only getting hotter as she gets older.

Smart, progressive, talented women affect me the same way all those young dumb plasticky-looking boytoys affect Chuck.

PS. Most of the lesbians I know travel in packs. Be afraid. Be very afraid. ;p

Bodhi said...

all those young dumb plasticky-looking boytoys affect Chuck

Who's Chuck?

And more importantly, what is that bitch doin' with MY boys!

The Other Andrew said...

La Sarandon is faaaaabulous! And yes, I was a teenage Rocky-ite. She should be applauded for many things, but to drop it down to my sort of level she should be applauded for her taste in men especially (sorry Jen), Tim Robbins = hawt.

Mikey. Sweetheart. We need to see those boardhorts on, sweets. Go on. Be a brave lil' soldier.

Jen said...

Bodhi, Chuck is a regular over at the Casa de Freakgirl. Funny guy, not interested in boys. :)

TOA, I totally agree, I think Tim Robbins is very hot, too. I'd be the vegemite in that sandwich anyday. And Susan will swing for pay -- did you ever see The Hunger? Susan Sarandon makes out with Catherine Deneuve. ::passes out::

That said, I'm also more interested in the board shorts picture than I'd have anticipated, so I hope our dear host decides to make with the exposure.

Michael said...

I've got a bit of tofu bloat going, so I must demure. I'm off for a run!

The Other Andrew said...

Tofu bloat = ewwww.

Got soya gas too?

freakgirl said...

Susan Sarandon? omg omg omg, so smokin' hot, and only getting hotter as she gets older.

I totally agree.