Friday, April 07, 2006

You'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn

Sure he was adorable in Stand By Me, but this guy only really caught my attention with his memorable turn as Quinn Mallory on Sliders. How much did we love that show, people? In honor of his tasty Men's Fitness cover shot this month, Jerry O'Connell is the meat today.In a note only tangentially related to meat, I had a woman in my office just now who mentioned that her future son-in-law is from Porka Rico. No, seriously, I finagled the conversation so she repeated it at least three more times. I enunciated it clearly to see if she'd catch the hint. Nope. Porka Rico. Remember the Pepsicola, Florida lady from some months back?

Finally, it's HAIRCUT DAY. Impending Avedagasm. Anyone else have goosebumps? The word for the day is close-cropped, my preferred cut prior to the ski vacation. This time next week I hope to be knee-deep in the pow-pow, my babies.


Jen said...

Porka who now? That's hilarious.

When I first started working in law (I was still a child, 18), I knew nothing about the field. My office mostly did probate & tax work. So one day my boss asks me to call up the Bureau of the Public Debt to get some info. I thought he said "Bureau of the Public Dead" so that's what I called it later and he teased me about it for years. "Yeah, if you were a well known figure when you died, that's where they drop you off."

freakgirl said...

Ah, I just got my hair cut on Wednesday. Have we started menstruating together yet, Michael?


Who'da thunk that Mr. O'Connell would have turned out so HAWT? Not me.

His brother was not so lucky:

Anonymous said...

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maddie said...


Thank GOD my boss is out today because after reading your comment, freakgirl, I laughed loudly, couldn't help it. Too funny.

Re: Mr. O'Connell - First of all, yes. Hot. In Jerry Maguire? Hot hot. Great choice for Friday meat!Sliders! Oh my goodness, I didn't think anyone watched that but me. I loved the first few seasons of that show.

I agree. The brother is fugly. Guess Jerry got all the good genes.

Steve said...

Holy Crap! I remember Sliders and had the hugest crush on him. He's still hot. (Enjoy the haircut... I got mine did today, too.)

Michael Guy said...

"close cropped"...hmmm...nice. I say the same..but tell my stylist "I want a gay porn star haircut." Or my other request is: "I just want a cute gay boy haircut." Somehow I still come out with my own mug. Just shorter hair.

"Porka Rico"...HILARIOUS! Though I have a lady in my office who hung 'Christmas reefs' on all her front windows this past holiday season. Nice, huh?!