Friday, April 28, 2006

So I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?

His recent comedy Kitchen Confidential was short-lived (it was kinda uneven, wasn't it?), but he's evergreen in my heart and he's this week's MEAT. Everyone please give a warm Pipedreams welcome to Mr. Bradley Cooper. He was one of the best things about the best season of Alias (the first).Alias is finally back for its last hurrah and from what I hear, BC is coming back with it. Ahhh, how I was smitten with Will Tippin. And he was smitten with Sydney Bristow. And I was smitten with Sydney, too. While I'm not sure on the specifics of how our little threesome would sandwich, I do know Bradley would be the MEAT.He's almost unrecognizable in this last photo, but with all that leather and the rings, what was I supposed to do?

Also, while on the Alias tip, check out this post from Freakgirl for some hilarity surrounding Alias papa JJ Abrams' new movie.


maddie said...

Well, I can't not comment on this choice. Being one of Alias' (and anything JJ does for that matter) biggest fans ever, I lovvvve Bradley Cooper. I even tried to get tickets to Three Days of Rain just to see him. He was in the last episode of Alias, did you see it or tivo it? He was excellent, it was like he never left. I think he's back for the rest of the series.

That last picture (mrrrrow) is from one of my favorite episodes of Season 3, when Syd has to pull Will out witness protection to help her. Love his leather pants.

Um, yes, I'm a tad obsessed. Welcome back!

freakgirl said...

I only know him from Kitchen Confidential, which I enjoyed.

But he's DELICIOUS! Nice choice.

Jen said...

He looks so much like this boy I knew in college. We became friends while taking a particularly challenging theory course together, and he was so beautiful and so smart that I almost considered giving up women for him. Almost.

Michael said...

Maddie, sometimes I'm scared/thrilled by how our tastes run together. You're the younger, female version of me. Sounds self-centered to put it that way, but do you really want to be the older, gay male version of you? Brad is teh sex. And yeah, this week's Alias is TiVoed since it competes with my preccccioussss (TAR).

FG, did you enjoy Kitchen Confidential?

Jen, aaahhh, those crazy days at university when we toyed with rearranging our sexuality. Of course I was actually doing girls then, but I knew which side I was on. I thought I'd switch for Jaime, though, or even for Ms. Bloomfield, who loved me with her red pen in the margins of my Freshman English compositions.

Jen said...

I'd been out for 10 years by the time I finally got to uni. Actually had a girlfriend at the time I thought I might marry. (ME! Marry! I know! We broke up.) While I do prefer women, my sexuality has always been fluid even if my behavior hasn't been since the late 80s.

freakgirl said...

yes, I did like Kitchen Confidential. I thought it was hilarious. Perhaps a bit uneven, you're right, but again, just another casualty from FOX.

maddie said...

michael ~ Kind of freaky about the same tastes we have, isn't it? Small world. :]

I liked Kitchen Confidential too. They never give shows a chance anymore, it was just starting to get interesting when they killed it.