Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How does it feel like to sail in on the breeze?

Seldom have I been SO ready for a vacation. I'm leaving Friday, bitches, and as always, I'm even looking forward to the travel day. I know some of you who travel frequently for business are so over airports and flying and connections, but I welcome it. Airports make me tingle in the brainstem and if I'm lucky, parts South. How awesome would a random Nate/Brenda-esque airport broom closet nasty fuck be? Really. Awesome. Anyone care to share? So, I'm heading to Vancouver for a week, to include all of the following: bonding mit familie, conversations that mean something, skiing, skiing, skiing, shopping, hot tubbing, drinking and hot tubbing, trail running, climbing, reading in a cozy nook, exploring Vancouver, and most likely logging on to check out the usual suspects. For me, that's heaven right here, y'all. Will you miss me?Added: I can't believe I forgot to mention my traveling companion! He's kind of a hot little piece. Compact and tight. Other than the 2-dimensional thing, he's SO my type.


Max said...

Lucky you! Vancouver=possibly my favorite city that I've ever visited. And that's after a visit during a cold, rainy February weekend! I shudder to think at its gorgeousness in spring.

Michael Guy said... seem to be the--how you say in your country's tongue, the active, out-doorsy type? I give good lodge sofa-sitting with cashmere throw apres dinner.

The Other Andrew said...

Mike-o-lah, three words: photos, photos, photos. Dude, we need to see the glory of the snowy north. We also need to see the glory of you you hot-tub-sans-ski-suit, but given how notoriously shy you are - I shall not hold my breath. Actually, you and Michael Guy in the hot tub would be even better... for all concerned.

Michael said...

Max, this is my second visit. I was there last Easter, when it was also cold and rainy in the city, but dumping feet of snow in the mountains. Loving Vancouver, too. Very vibrant and very multicultural city. And so lush! Rainforest, yo.

MG, any room in your lap? So we'd share the shopping days together, and the apres ski dining and don't even tell me I couldn't entice you into the tub. I aspire to outdoorsy with middling results.

Andrew, you KNOW I LOVE it when you go Yid on me. I will definitely get copious with the picture taking. I won't guarantee you'll see me, but as I just added to the original post, you'll definitely be seeing Flat Stanley, courteous of my lovely niece whose second grade class is in on the project.

freakgirl said...

Flat Stanley! Excellent!

Have a wonderful time. We leave for Boston on Friday morning, but we'll be back by Sunday afternoon. Quick trip.

The Other Andrew said...

Have fun y'all, see you on the other side of ChocklitFest '06 by the sound of things. Kisses!

Michael said...

I tried to contact the most luscious one of Vancouver and the greater Canadian West. Have you heard from her, Andrew?

FG, Flat Stanley is a cute project. I'm sure I'll spend WAY too much time on my submission. Anything for my little sprite.