Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I feel the earth move under my feet

So I go on and on about how I need to get things changed, right? There is a lot that entails, personally and professionally. I need to plant a few seeds with my colleagues about making a move, I need to streamline my financial situation, I need to clean up and sell my house, and I need to look at where the fuck I wanna go. I am taking steps (I have a checklist) but what else did I do this weekend? I picked up Berlitz Italian CD's AND a cheap acoustic guitar. Yep, in my time honored tradition of constantly distracting my brain from thoughtful reflection, I am now going to learn Italian AND to play guitar. It's been so long since Psych 101-3. What is that particular mechanism called again?

In my defense, I have a knack for both language and music (but NOT numbers), so won't it be nice if someday, when we're in Florence, I can serenade you with a few tentative notes and whisper dirty nothings in your ear using the local tongue? Maybe I'll just focus on those two things, hook myself up with a sugardaddy, and then I won't have to worry about a new job at all. Although considering my age, "daddy" is gonna have to be 50. At least. Of note: I do come equipped with a modest nest egg and also do come modestly equipped.


The Other Andrew said...

So, know any John Denver songs yet? Or are you going straight to the hard stuff, Stairway To Heaven?

The Other Andrew said...

PS. That lame comment was just so you wouldn't think this post was unloved. We know you HATE that.

Michael said...

I do! Hate that, I mean.

I mean, NOBODY would love sitting by the Arno, me strumming my guitar while you fellate me?

The Other Andrew said...

...or vice versa. Sure, whatever. :)