Friday, March 17, 2006

Who would like to sample my supply?

This afternoon, I popped my ebay cherry. I feel kinda dirty and by dirty I mean white trashy. The situation is that I have more mp3 playas than I have event horizons to applicate them. That last bit was some fun nonsense, wasn't it? Anyway, normally when I'm faced with superfluous electronic gadgetry my solution is to shove the excess into the back of some drawer. Out of sight somehow assuages my guilt. I've always had a niggling curiosity about "the 'bay", though. So there you have it. I'm an online auctioneer. Of course, if it sells for a dear price, I have that monogramed Nano just sitting in my Apple cart. If it doesn't sell at all, maybe we'll have a lil' Pipedreams giveaway. FYI: Pipedreams giveaways can and will be influenced by the promise of graft to the proprieter.


freakgirl said... eBay. Have to stay away from it. But it always delivers. I've gotten everything from a ball winder (shut up! knitting!) to a retro dress for my Stepford Wives halloween costume.

Glad your site is up and running again. I was a bit worried.

Steve said...

Congrats! However, be verrryyy careful. I have a friend who is now E-Bay's crack whore...he can't stop!

Michael said...

I was starting to get worried, too, FG. It was up and down so many times and then it was just kinda random stuff coming up. I've never done more than browse a few minutes at ebay before. We'll see if it sell. No bids yet! And ballwinder (because you know, despite your 'shutup', that I can't resist): Oww and Mmm.

Steve, warning noted. I honestly don't think I have room for any more addictions.

The Other Andrew said...

"FYI: Pipedreams giveaways can and will be influenced by the promise of graft to the proprieter."

Guess what I'm thinking right now.

Michael said...

All the gays say, "Hey!" Hey!

Andrew, Jen and ME all post simultaneous-lay. Hey!

Bodhi said...

For the record, I remain a completely pure E-Bay virgin. Which is great, cause I think that white looks fab on me. Anyhoo ...

E-Bay (*rolls eyes*)


The Kid, however, might be another story. Now that she has had a part-time job for a while (as a check-out chick at Harris Farm Markets - which are a large chain of Green Grocers here), she suddenly has become a teenager with disposable income.

First she bought herself a cool new digital camera on E-Bay. She tells me it was a bargain. Then she later bought a memory card for said digital camera. Huge memory, she says. It was a bargain. And now, only this week, she discovered that she was successful on her bid for a HP Laptop Computer, which she is very excited about. And yes, you have probably guessed, it was a bargain.

Oh well, at least its now her disposable income that she is spending on these things, rather than mine. Is there an any more terrifying word when in a boutique store with your teenage daughter than "Daaaaaaad-dy? ..." [ said replete with Angelic smile and bloody puppy dog eyes]