Monday, March 20, 2006

Love is in the air, every sight and every sound

Yes, love is in the air. Well, not for me personally (get serious), but it is the first day of spring here in our lil' corner of the Northern Hemisphere, Earth. It's the equinox, y'all! So color me surprised that we are to awaken in the morning coated with the white stuff.

Speaking of the equinox, it has warmed up here over the last few weeks and I realized that I still haven't trimmed up my honeysuckle bushes. Anyone know if it's too late?

Driving this weekend cemented my notion to move somewhere urban and then give up my car. The world is full of stupid people and they are all driving the interstate highways of the Ohio. At one point I think I had an episode of angina. That's it.

If you ever have the notion that I distract myself with the theater, movies, concerts, the symphony, and television so that I don't stop and reflect, you'd be correct.

Continuing with the 'passage of time' theme, I just saw a guy in my office for the first time in ten years. He looked rough. No, seriously, really rough. So you can imagine/forgive/understand that I derived some comfort from that. Thank you, Neutrogena/Aveda/adequate nutrition, hydration and exercise. Huh. So that's what schadenfreude feels like.


maddie said...

I was suprised to walk outside to go to work this morning and see snow flurries. It didn't stick, but still. I probably shouldn't rub it in, but I don't care what it does because I am going to Florida on Thursday for 2 weeks. :) Watch, with my luck, that is when it'll warm up here.

Since I can't let anything go without a movie question...the song lyric from this post reminds me of one of my favorite movies - Strictly Ballroom. See it?

Michael said...

Two weeks in Florida sounds like heaven, Maddie. Doesn't matter if it warms up here. It'll still be sunnier and nicer there. I have three weeks and three days until I head out West for some skiing. Crossing everything that the snow is still around.

And no, I didn't catch Strictly Ballroom! ::hands in gay card:: Is it fabulous?

freakgirl said...

At one point I think I had an episode of angina.

That made me laugh out loud.

I wish it would get warm. This cold weather is KILLING ME. I had a sad little crocus come up, bloom, and then fall over dead. The past few winters, my tulips look like shit because they get so confused by sudden warmth and sudden freeze. Argh.

maddie said...

I'm actually going down there to visit mom and see if I want to finally decide to pick up and move down there permanently...2 weeks just might do the trick.

Strictly Ballroom is an odd Australian movie, as most Australian movies are...not to be missed. By the same guy who did Romeo and Juliet & Moulin Rouge.

Michael said...

Go! Go! Go! Go!

I'm so into people moving/changing their lives!

I'll definitely check out "SB".

The Other Andrew said...

Yay for odd Australian movies! :-)

Strictly Ballroom is as camp as Christmas. It's not a mockumentary, but it does for ballroom dancing what Best in Show did for dog shows. It's by Baz Luhrman, who did Moulin Rougue. It's a must see, IMHO.

Curtis said...

I'd probably wait to trim your honeysuckle until the Autumn. You can prune for shape, but not too much or you might not get blooms this year. At least that's been my experience.

Michael Guy said...

I've thought for some time you had acute angina.

bada bing!

sorry. That was just so Milton Berle or Henny Youngman which, naturally--dates me to the pleistocene era. Got wooly mammoth?

STRICTLY BALLROOM is a divine hoot; two snaps from my corner booth and cosmo. The drink...not the magazine. Though those articles on how to please one's man always catch my eye. "Dress Like a Whore for Extra Cuddles! Now!"

The Other Andrew said...

What was that about Mike's mangina?

savante said...

God, Curtis wants to wait before trimming your honeysuckle... bwahahaha.

Damn, I have such a perverted mind.


Michael said...

freakgirl, so you're laughing at my chest and radiating arm pain now?

Curtis, thanks for the advice. Kinda what I thought. It's not terribly overgrown, so I'll wait. I don't wanna miss the blooms. One of my favorite scents and the honeysuckle is right outside my little den window. Bonus is you get to watch the huge bees hovering around, drunk with the nectar. Also, thanks for stopping by.

MG, you could have used Karen Walker and appeared more au courant:

Doctor: "Mrs. Walker, I have good news. Your husband didn't have a heart attack at all, but rather acute angina."

Karen: "You know, you've got a lotta nerve coming on to me while my husband is in the hospital."

Then later:

Karen: "Apparently it wasn't a heart attack at all. The doctor said Stan has acute angina."

Jack: "Wow, Karen. I'm really sorry. What a terrible time to find out your husband is a hermaphrodite."

Michael said...

TOA, that word! You're flirting with a PipeBan!

Paul, it's just ALWAYS the double entendre with you, isn't it?

Jen said...

We got 3 feet of snow here a week or so ago. Trying to dig out the car nearly killed me. It snowed yesterday, and the day before yesterday. It is snowing again today.

Meanwhile, I'll be there in about 60 days and will email you when I have local contact info. Based on this post, though, I feel it's fair that I should warn you I am hopelessly introspective almost on reflex and tend to inspire this in other people, which makes me beloved in some circles and "that girl who makes me think too much" in others. As Roomie can readily attest, the entertainment media you use as a distraction is one of my favorite things to use as an on-ramp to the Philosophical Exploration Superhighway.

So should I not email you with my local contact info? ;p Our little electronic acquaintanceship is so pleasant, I don't want to ruin it with my entire personality.

freakgirl said...

Michael, heart attacks are always funny!


Bodhi said...

I lurve Strictly Ballroom.

The graceful moves, the outfits, the sparkle, the fake tan, the hair, the make-up ... and then of course there is the women. Almost as fabulous.

Not to mention the ever sexy Scott Hastings (played by a much younger and then ever so hot Paul Mercurio), who singlehandedly makes a simple bonds white singlet look damn fine indeed.

It was 1992 that this movie came out. Good old Baz, gotta love him. That was the same year that I got clean and sober. Tommorow (23rd March) marks 5,000 Days sober and clean actually, FYI ...

Anyhoo ... I'll end with some immortal lines and words of wisdom from the movie: "A life lived in fear is a life half lived"

Michael said...

Jen, Jen, know me, so you know that I'm totally freaked out about the possibility of meeting you in 3D, but I'm up for it. So y'all found a place? Email me the fo-fo.

Michael said...

Freakgirl, if I suddenly disappear from the blogsphere, you'll know someone was driving 65 in the fastlane.

Michael said...

FIVE THOUSAND DAYS! Incredible. Is it OK if I'm proud of you?

And thanks for the quote. I'm taking note.

Bodhi said...

Thanks Mikey, of course its OK. To tell ya the truth, I am kinda proud of me too.

Five thousand days ... it even kinda amazes the hell outta me. Not bad for someone who for many years could not even go for 24 hours without a drink or a drug in their system.

Glad you like the quote, be sure to check out da movie.