Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cuz everytime he pulls me near, I just wanna cheer

So it was just the first Friday of Lent and it's not sitting well with me that I didn't proffer any meat. If I'm to wear the Abomination banner with pride, I need to represent. Never mind that I was having a petit crisis(more on that later) over the weekend. No excuses. In the midst of the drama playing out in my head, I watched ten episodes of Queer As Folk-Season 1 . In honor of this rather embarrassing admission, the belated visual victuals are boys from that hood. Here are Gale Harold, Hal Sparks and Peter Paige (with Margaret Cho because I couldn't resist including her).Would you believe I never watched this show? Ten episodes, so obviously I enjoyed it. I'm not in deep wuv with it. So, without getting spoilery, will my fondness grow if I consume all the seasons? Also, do you envy me my QAF innocence?ADDED: Add up the title, the pictures and the content and I think this may be my faggiest post ever. And that's saying something.


The Other Andrew said...

Let's hear it for the boy! Let's give the boy a hand!

One of the cutest pics of Hal Sparks I've ever seen. He suits a more updated look.

I like the show. First season follows the UK version and then veers off. In my opinion it gets better for a while after, but then loses its way and gets self indulgent, melodromatic and preachy just before the end. There are some good seasons in the middle though!

Michael said...

The Hal link is to his website. He's got a band! And a blog! Cute guy.

I'm enjoying the show so far. I never picked it up before mostly because I'm just cheap. I downloaded a few episodes online and liked it alright. My beloved Target (oh yeah, about that whole boycott thing? It lasted a week for me) had Season 1 and 2 discounted to around $40, so what's a homo to do?. I'm sure I'll pick 'em all up. And now only a few short weeks to Season 5 of SFU! Now wonder I don't get shit done around here.

Bodhi said...

Brian! Mikey! Emmett!

Well I don't know about you sweetness, but I can assure you that my fondness grows every time my boys come into view. Unlike our beloved TOA, I loved every minute of every season of it. I weep at the sheer joy of it all, and wear out my DVD at the sheer repeat of it all. I heart everything about it. The Kid and I are both quite addicted.

UK Version is quite good too (I also own that), but moi likes this version this best. I do not envy your QAF virginity. I mean, really. I still can't believe that you have never watched it up to this point. And you dare to call yourself a gay man! *Sniff*

And, in the immortal words of 'I have seen the face of God, and his name is Brian Kinney' (Justin quote), let me just say this:

'I don't believe in love, I believe in fucking. It's honest, it's efficient - you get in and out with a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of bullshit.'

See, and there are even practical life lessons in there for all of us, I think.

Michael said...

'I have seen the face of God, and his name is Brian Kinney'

I did LOVE that. So far I'm finding the show fun and bold and quirky and unapologetic. At least for now they're not taking themselves too seriously.

I think I'm loving it more just from your enthusiasm. Can I hug you exuberantly?

Michael said...

And so far I'm just loving/hating Brian. One of the last episodes I watched, when Mikey's chiropractor boyfriend wants him to move in, suddenly Brian talks about how much he loves Mikey and knows he's always been there for him...and then they kiss. The bastard. I had a friend that toyed with me (Mikey in the role of Mikey) like that. He was 'straight'. Messed around with me, kept me on a string, said shit like 'if only you were a woman I'd spend the rest of my life with you'...when I was just a confused kid.
Did I just say all that out loud?

Bodhi said...

Uh huh. Can I hug you exuberantly?

Michael said...

Sure, I just as soon receive as give.

Bodhi said...

Hmmmm, versatile ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Get a room.

Michael said...

In gayspeak, doesn't versatile = bottom, basically? ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Yes, like I'm Bi = I'm Gay, but I haven't fully come out yet.*


* OK, there probably are true bisexuals, so don't write me and complain m'kay! Comic effect.

Bodhi said...

In gayspeak, doesn't versatile = bottom, basically?

Just what are you trying to imply here, Mikey? {mental note, why is everyone suddenly looking at moi]. Maybe it does, but I mean versatile in the true sense of word. Equally happy to pitch or bat.

And room? Who needs a damn room?
[*Clearing space off desk*]

Rabbit, I believe, is a true bisexual. Even though I pay him out about it and tell him that he is on 'a bi now and gay later plan'. He just rolls his eyes at me, and says his typical 'you people think you are soooo funny'. That then starts the 'you people' vs 'we people' bantering back and forth.

Such fun.

Michael said...

Bi now and gay later plan

How have I never heard that? Made me snort. I've no question that you're ACTUALLY versatile, B. I'm kinda fascinated by the whole top/bottom thing. It's like, "You mean I get to pick?! Cool!" So I guess that implies I have my prefs, but there's a French saying about 'sometimes having an itch' that escapes me right now.

Andrew, love the disclaimer. You were pre-blocking all the bi-boys who are googling in as we speak.

No one asked, but I'll offer that although I have spoken of banging chicks, and I won't lie, I'd still do it today, my feelings about it are akin to ironing or giving to charity.

The Other Andrew said...

"...akin to ironing or giving to charity."

And I'll bet they're charmed! ;-)

maddie said...

Of course I am not online when you bring QAF up. LOVE it! Season 1 was the best...season 2 kind of sucked, but it picks up from there. I own all of the dvds...season 5 will be out soon! I was a bit obsessed for a while.

Thank you for posting that picture of Gale...he is just pure sex. Mmm.

Speaking of pure sex...did you see Jarhead? Wow naked Jake.

Michael said...

Knowing I have all those seasons at my fingertips has me giddy. I'm only halfway the first one. How did I know you'd love this, maddie? I also know you're the one to Hal is str8, I know, what about the rest?

Bodhi said...

Randy Harrison (Justin) and Peter Paige (Emmett) are gay in real life. They are the only main characters in the show who are.

'Randy, my heart beats for Randy!'
[Any of you seen The Guru?]

Michael Guy said...

You had me at 'if only you were a woman.'

Hey! Let's move into a rehabbed barn in Vermont and teach at a small liberal arts college. I'm feeling pretty dyke-like today! I watched FOUR back-to-back episodes of "The L Word" Saturday night.

RE: the term 'versatile' I thought that meant one had a Neiman's and a SAKS charge.

maddie said...

Damn. Bodhi beat me to it.

Well...when you get to season 3, the actor who plays Ben, Robert Gant, is gay.

There was a rumor of Gale being gay, but he's not.

In every interview Hal made clear that he was definitely straight straight straight.

One of the main reasons I love the show (besides the soap drama, I am a little addicted to that) is the natural chemistry between Gale and Randy. It was just there from the very beginning - very well cast.

Did you get to the last episode of season 1 yet?

Sorry, I could go on for years about this.

Bodhi said...

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I'll never be alone
And you, my friend, will see
You've got a friend in me
(you've got a friend in me)


Go on for years about this, Maddie? You and me both sweetie.

PS. Discounted to $40, Mikey! Oh My Brad ... I happily paid AU$90 (on todays exchange, that's like US$66), and even that was a good discount here in Oz. Most shops had it at between AU$99 and AU$120. And yet you bet your cute little BumFuck Ohio ass that I am still gunna buy the remaining seasons as soon as they are released here (on Region 4).