Sunday, March 19, 2006

You will fly with me tonight

Hey. How you doin'? I like your steelo. Wanna hang wit me, tonight? We'll talk, we'll laugh, we'll play a few games, all the while singing Chiquitita, which I've been doing all evening thanks to Episode 4 of QAF (Season 2). It feels kinda nice in your mouth though, right?
  • Lots of television on Friday, as I openly admit to having Too Much Free Time. PS? If you are always talking about how fucking busy you are, then you are the embodiment of the sixth level of Hell for me. Anyway, as I mentioned, I'm on to the second season of QAF. I'm really enjoying it. I'm not voracious for more like I was with SFU on DVD (final season out next week!), but it's good TV, if for nothing else than the music. Plus, it's a bit of a gay oasis for me, habitue of the queer-parched rural Midwest that I am. Oh, and there's more. I'm loving the start of the new Doctor Who. Will it gross you out to know I'd totally get depraved with Christopher Eccleston? Have you ever seen ears more suited to be handles?
  • After all that solo action on Friday (I treated myself by going "righty" for the evening), I decided to do some family bonding on Saturday. Incidentally, with all this QAF watching, I do feel like I'm not doing my gay part with these weekends. No clubs, no baths, no darkly lit backroom grunting. Shouldn't I at least be mostly watching and kvetching Ted-stizz? Instead of all that, I took my nieces to see Aquamarine. Oh, shutup. It's as bad as you might assume, so I'm all THAT MUCH MORE the great uncle, right? You may 'awww' now.
  • Insomnia has been the order of the week, and last night was no exception. Seems like I've been up FOREVER. Which I kinda have seeing that I went to bed at 1:00A and awoke at 3:30A. I napped briefly, but otherwise I've jammed a lot in today. A lot. ::shifts a bit:: ::you know, to get more comfortable for the rest of the story:: I had all the housework-y stuff done by daybreak, so I got my exercise in as well. I bundled up for a cold and spring-ish 4 miler on the road. I'm starting to reap the benefits of my new eating plan and workout regime. I even did a little shaving to further enhance those benefits. Actually, you should have seen me this morning, standing in my jimjam bottoms in front of the mirror while trimming up my chest and belly. Wait. That's not all. I also had a facial mask on. Think 'olive tapenade' for the color/consistency. Anyway, I'm going on and on, but the rest of the day was Carmen and Carmina, reading, and watching basketball and tennis.
And you?


The Other Andrew said...

On account of the verchacte Commonwealth Games (as someone said "kind of what the Olypics would be like if America was wiped off the face of the Earth") and the subsequent program re-schedules, we are now like 3 weeks behind you guys on "The Amazing Race", and "Survivor: Panama" isn't even starting here until the end of this month. What does this mean? I can't read Too Much Free Time AT ALL, because you Spoiler MsSpoilertons will kill TAR for me.

I share your like of The Ecclestone, and how much do we love the self-deprecating jokes he has about his ears on Dr Who? Love.

I've pressed the image of you 'manscaping' in your jimjams into my Book Of Memories. That should get me through a few cold and lonely nights.

Michael said...

TAR is back in fine, fine form. I don't watch Survivor anymore.

You can have fun going back to TMFT retroactively to get the Max (and freakgirl) takes on the action. If you want the direct links so you don't stumble upon some spoils, just holla.

Bodhi said...

"Queer parched rural midwest"

Uh huh. Honey ...
[*head toss and finger snap*)

Now you listen boy, cause I'm your weather girl!
And Oooooooh, do I have some news for you ..

Humidity is rising
Barometer's getting low
According to our sources
The street's the place to go

Cause' tonight for the first time
Just about half past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men

It's raining men
It's raining men

It's raining men
It's raining men

I'm gonna go out
I'm gonna let myself get
Absolutley soaking wet

It's rainin men
It's raining men
Every special men

Tall blonde dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean ...