Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Open up the dirty window

If you look inside my head I don't know that you'd see cobwebs and glitter, although you'd probably shy away from a few dark corners, and I'm sure the strobe effect would get a bit distracting after a while. You'd also find some of this:
  • I know I've already posted about, but I'm falling ever more madly in love with it. I'm not attesting to its absolute accuracy, but it helps you get a handle on what you're eating. I've never kept a food log before. It's changing me. I've also never been one to weigh myself; I just see how my clothes feel and then eat/exercise accordingly. Over the last eight days I have beentipping the scales though, as part of this program and with a specific goal in mind (namely: hot tub hotness by vacation time). For those regular weighers out there, does your weight fluctuate by pounds from day to day? I've had swings down (which I expected, since I'm really watching food on this) but also up a few pounds and then back down again. NET is what counts I guess and as of today I've lost nine pounds in eight days, and that's with eating, not starving. It's just making more intelligent choices and when you're writing down every last morsel, you tend not to sidle up to the snack trough so readily.
  • I just got back from picking up groceries. I stopped at my little coffee shop on the way home, as I'm wont to do, and the proprietress cornered me by the coffee bar. She had a fix up for me. Apparently this unknown to me woman (yes, you heard me) is gorgeous, successful, and just a few years older than me. She loves the theater and loves to travel. So coffee lady thought of me-- the late thirtysomething theater-going, traveling, tasteful single guy (her red flag is in the shop). Schmuck that I am, I took the number. Just another reason for me to get out of here. If I was somewhere ELSE and acting somewhat REAL, I'd be getting fixed up with GUYS possessing all those qualities, right?
  • Max's latest mix (I linked it, but I'm fairly certain it's no longer available-- like all good things, it's limited and exclusive muthafuckas) is the BOMB, isn't it? I'm working out like a madman lately and this jam is FUELING me. I still laugh every time I hear "I make gold records". No, seriously, every time. I try to work it into casual conversation as well. It's not easy so I force it. Because it amuses me. Every time. While I'm talking music, and although I'm not a big American Idol fan, last night's Stevie Wonder homage has me listening to one of my favorite Stevie tracks, As, from Songs In The Key Of Life (a great album title if ever there was one, no?). Lovely song. The kind where if I had someone, I'd share it with him and then it'd be ours and when we heard it, we'd give each other that look.
  • I don't normally wear glasses. I find them aggravating at work. They slip or get banged around by folks. I wear them evenings and Sunday mornings mostly. Despite that, I have a bit of a thing for them. I bought a new pair recently and wore them to the opera Sunday (more on that later). I ran into an old friend from college and she noticed. SHE: New glasses? ME: Yeah, you like them? SHE: Well, they make a statement. ME: That's OK with me, if it's the right statement. SHE: They say, "I'm a big homo."


The Other Andrew said...

They say, "I'm a big homo."

Sing it loud, sing it proud!

You know I'm doing the Weight Watchers thing at the moment right? The big thing with that is 'tracking', keep a food log and adding up what you've eaten as the day goes on. Sounds obssessive, but actually it's a huge help. I heart it. Oh, and I've lost about 10 pound in the past five weeks. Kicking (an ever dwindling) ass!

Michael said...

That "tracking" is exactly why I'm loving that website. It gives you a running tally and breakdown protein/fat/carbs...even nutrients. Lets you know if you can cheat a little. Conversely, makes you NOT want to blow it if you've been very good.

Here's to your every dwindling ass, Homes! {{CLINK!}}

Sing it loud, sing it proud!
Probably why my family was divided on them (i.e. everyone but me and my lil' sis were hating on them).

The Other Andrew said...

"(i.e. everyone but me and my lil' sis were hating on them)"

There's too much hate in the world.

Cheers! Thanks for the best wishes on my ass, actually I kind of get a flat ass when I lose weight (NOT GOOD) but if the trade off is a smaller waist and no man boobs then it's a small price to pay. Life is compromises.

Michael said...

Flat ass, flat ass, can't bite flat ass.

Kinda weak as playground taunts go, but passable if you do it in a funny accent.

I don't get the manboobs. For me any extra weight goes toward Middle-Girth, my fine hobbity friend.

The Other Andrew said...

I tend to put weight on on the chest and gut, mostly gut. Middle-Girth indeed. :-)