Friday, March 17, 2006

Once upon a time I used to dress up 'Ken', but now that I'm grown up, I like bigger men

Blogger has been fucking me jailhouse style, people. Now I'm game for an hour or two of that, but three days is a stretch, even for me. I'm plugging along though, and tossing you a cut of meat for Friday. Oh, incidentally, since St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday during Lent, our Archbishop in Ohio has granted a special dispensation so that Catholics in the greater Cincinnati area can have their corned beef and cabbage today. I'm sure JC approves. It's W he WD. Where was I? Oh yeah. Meat. Aaron Eckhart has a new movie coming out today, Thank You For Smoking, and it's getting great reviews. His head is getting great reviews from me. The face, the hair, the intelligence you can see in his eyes, it all works for me. The movie is not so much about smoking as it is about the tobacco lobby along with lobbyists for alcohol and firearms. The crew in this movie call themselves the MOD Squad, with MOD being their acronym for "Merchants of Death". Sounds like it's a sharply written, funny and thought provoking film. Can't wait to see it, but it'll prolly be a few weeks before it gets here. Aaron, though, I've been loving him long time, at least since Erin Brokovich. Maybe this movie will finally bust him wide open.


Bluebunny said...

Don't know about the movie, but I would highly recommend the book.

The Other Andrew said...

I noticed that Blogger had been doin' you prison style. Never piss off the BlogGods.

I saw Mr Eckhart in the terrible "The Core" (journey to the centre of the Earth stizz) but he made me sit up, all of me, and say "Oooh, who's that?!" Even with the long hair he was hot in Erin Brokovich. Yum. Again with the excellent taste!

Michael said...

Bluebunny, I didn't even know it was a book. Thanks. Ebert and Roeper gave the movie the enthusiastic thumbs up this weekend. Ebert and Peter Travers are generally my GO TO boys for movies, so YAY.

Thanks for the compliment, A. There is something about square jaw and square head that does it for me. Kinda explains those robot dreams I tend to have.