Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm just travelin' thru

Hey, may I talk about houses again? Oooh, there is a DREAMY ONE profiled in USA Today. Carrie Burke is an architect in Charlottesville, Virginia and she designed her slick, sleek contemporary house as a sundial, aligning it with the north-south solar axis. It's awesome and so is she. Her family can watch the light travel through the house and you can too, if you check out the video. They have all their furniture on wheels and move things around according to their needs (and to keep the grand piano out of the sun). Seems like a really cool woman. I LOVE her for saying she's happy her daughter, Ava, is growing up "in an instrument this is filled with a natural element." Crunchy? Sure, but it's also tender and lovely. When she watches the sun move it makes her "wonder who's going to be living here in 100 years, watching the sun move."

The sundial in the picture is along the Thames near the Tower Bridge in London. Cool, huh?

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savante said...

God, for a wild minute I thought she was staying in a sundial along the Thames :)