Wednesday, March 15, 2006

But thoughts of us kept keeping me awake

If you ever sleep over, here's what you'll see. Kinda minimalist, I know. Grey on grey on white with some splashes of black. Shaker lines to the furniture. I like a muted palette in the boudoir. It provides a nice neutral backdrop for all the wild man trampolining that I'm not doing. SO* not doing. I'm sharing because I just hung that photo over my bed last night. Isn't it dreamy?

*Holla, J.Go!


Bodhi said...

I like a muted palette with minimalist look in the boudoir too sweetness. Mine is in black and white, with more than a hint of Zen and Japanese splash. I've only recently picked out a picture that I want for my room, too. Hopefully, will pick that up sometime soon.

Your photo is indeed dreamy. I had initially thought about getting a copy of Jump by Herb Ritts, but eventually decided on another beautiful black and white photo called Waterlillies, by Silberman.

I must confess that this glimpse of your most intimate and private of places, with the thoughts of trampolining you wildly all night long, will keep more than a smile on my face throughout the day.

[*shifts uncomfortably*}

Ummm, I wonder what floor the shower is on in this office building? I might need to take a cold one at some point.

[*shifts again*]

The Other Andrew said...

That's a yummy looking boudoir Mr Mike. Love the sleek line + panelled walls. Noice.

I'm guessing that bed's Queen size.

Michael said...

Glad you're enjoying it, B. And the sheets are by Nate, if that helps. Does me.

And speaking of minimalist AND Herb Ritts, did you catch the pics of his Hollywood Hills hideaway which can be yours for a song?

Thanks for the props, Andy. The walls are FOG and the moldings are WHITE LINEN. Meaningless to share, except it makes me smile.

I'm guessing that bed's Queen size.
Ding, ding, ding, ding! Fits me to a T.

The Other Andrew said...

I could see the Nate goodness writ large on the ensemble. Good choice.

I sleep single in a double bed, and yes that's sad. To a hobbit like me, double is like King Size.

Bodhi said...

And of course it goes without saying that moi's bed is Queen size.

I know. I know.

No need to be fabulous. That's my job.

[PS. I did indeed see Herb Ritts Hollywood Hills hideaway for sale, $5.4 million no less, from the ever informative Andy at Towleroad. And let me just say this, Noice]

Michael said...

Nothing sad about cozy, Andrew. I'd be happy in a double bed if I could wrap myself around someone Frodo-ish. Alone, though, it's just aggravating when my feet are hanging off the end.

I like sleek and I like modern and Herb's place was GORGEOUS, but it felt kinda cold, didn't it? I'd be kinda scared there.

Bodhi said...

PSS. As another interesting aside, my new wrought iron bed frame is one that I picked up from Rabbit when I moved in with our beloved TOA. It's none other than his mum's old bed.

Like I told the Bunny, if she only new a fraction of the action that has subsequently occured in it, her hair would curl all by itself.

This bed has not seen any action between me and Rabbit though, yet. These little heterosexual phases of his complete with said 'girlfriends' gets a little tiring at times.


Michael said...

Mmmm, dear, dear Rabbit.



Now you're not the only one needing a cold shower.

PS I can't believe I forgot to aks, but was 'The Lovely Ex' in any of those Flikrfukrfestival (or whatever it was called)photos?

The Other Andrew said...

I just had a look through, and you can't really see Mikey that well in any of the Flickxibition pics. You can see the top of his head in this picture. That's him at the bottom of the frame, you can just see his eyes and the top of his head. It's a bit dark.

Michael said...

Darn. I just looky looed again. I thought maybe he was the guy now tagged as 'Red Eric' ((yerm!))

Bodhi said...

OK, thats it TOA, I can take absolutely no more of these tantalizing glimpses trotted out from time to time of late to seduce me into a desire for craving that has no bounds.


What am I talking about?

What do you mean what am I talking about. You know damn well, you brazen techno hussy!

I'm talking about your ability to add direct links into comments. As if you didn't know. Its driving me insane. I must be satiated with my understanding of how this can be done.

So don't hold back, no playing cyber hard-to get. In the immortal words of that Offspring song, Give it to me Baby! Uh huh! Uh huh!

Michael said...


Synchronously, that song has actually been in my random morning iPod mix twice in the last week. It's fun in the shower.

I'm guessing because I haven't tried it yet, but I think he copies and pastes his post from WORD and the active link holds?

The Other Andrew said...

It's my one html party trick.

Bodhi, you of all people know that suffering comes from our own mind delusions. :-) Feel better?

I'll write it out for you at home. I can't type it here because it will try and convert it to a live tag.

Mikey, Red Eric (Simon) is really nice. Hugely tall (6'3" at a guyess), has a great thick English accent and if the jeans he was wearing at the exhibition are any fair indication, he's packing too. Straight. Very nice guy.

The Other Andrew said...

No, no copying and pasting. That's for pussies. I hand code the 'href' tag. Impressed?

Bodhi said...

Dutifully impressed ,TOA.

And Mikey, you know the lyrics:

He needs some cool tunes
Not just any will suffice
But they didn't have Ice Cube
So he bought Vanilla Ice

Although I am also sure that he knows Ice Cube lyrics just as well, he both amazed and cracked up The Kid and I recently when we were watching a music clip on TV for Vanilla Ice with the song Ice Ice Baby. He knew, and indeed loudly sang along with, the entire song word for word. Even busted some of the moves, bless his little bunny heart.

He's a freak like that when it comes to music lyrics. He never fails to surpise. Its one of the many little things, and not so little *grin*, that we love about him.

When we both told him immediately after this little rendition that he's pretty fly for a white guy, he just grinned adorably.

Bodhi said...


Oh, thats Rabbit, of course.

Michael said...

OK, thats it TOA, I can take absolutely no more of these tantalizing glimpses trotted out from time to time of late to seduce me into a desire for craving that has no bounds.

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep......Brrrring! Brrring! "Oh, hello, Kettle? This is Bodhi. You're black."

Bodhi said...

[That made me laugh so much that the Diet Coke Lime I just took a sip of went up my nose]

Steve said...

Scrumptous! Love that bed!

Michael said...

Thanks, Steve. Y'all are so nice. How about everyone piles on it?

Bodhi-- I'd take the credit for your nostril froth, but I stole that.

Michael Guy said...

Your symmetry intrigues me. I am a 'pairs' nut. Must. have. two. (I believe this is a serial killer trait but I've yet to buy twin ice picks at TARGET)

So it is with great joy that I note the matching lamps perfectly positioned to meet the visual corner of the wall moldings. I might add that the new art work is perfectly hung.

I am so not going where this thought is taking me.