Monday, November 28, 2005

Does enchantment pour out of ev'ry door?

I know I've gone on and on about my porn star crush before, but guys, you should really check out Gus/Tom's posts from November. This guy is smart and beautiful and funny and he's a fucking DIY god and he's just the sweetest thing ever. Honestly, like Lizzy to my Darcy, he's bewitched me, body and soul. Pretend that wasn't creepy at all, OK?
This month, he details the renovations he's making to a house he just bought. Brotha can really build shit. Decks. And rooms. Unnnhhh. He's adding on expressly to make room for grand piano. ::sigh:: That's enough right there, OK? Then he talks about making gingerbread to bring to his inlaws for Thanksgiving. From what I gather, Tom's husband, Bruce, died a few years ago. The gingerbread recipe Tom posts is Bruce's and in his own hand. So poignant. This guy is a rare sparkling gem.

The PS is he's selling his old joint. Anyone care to go halfsies with me on a charming cabin in the woods just a quick train ride north of Manhattan? Loulou?

the photo of Tom/Gus at his piano is by his friend and professional photographer Hudson Wright (is it OK that I post that?)


The Other Andrew said...

Boner, much?

Michael said...

And then some.

The Other Andrew said...

Jeezalou, you're cheap. Just 'cause he's pretty, smart and has a huge... piano.

Dime a dozen. :-)

Michael said...

::rubs his two nickels together::

The Other Andrew said...

Is that why they call you Michael 'Two Bits' Engle?

luscious loulou said...


I've written to him. Did I mention that? And praised his skills. Yes, I have indeed.

He's killer alright. He knocks my socks off with his warmth and charm and genuineness.

Sure, I'll go halfsies with ya', Michael but... it'll have to be designated as "the country home" because you know I want & need to be amongst the bright lights of BigCity in a pied-a-terre. (Notice how Tom is stressin' the no maintenance aspect. That's a bonus.)

savante said...

Well, you should write to him and praise.. his skills too! Don't forget the large... piano!


Michael said...

Of course, loulou, it wouldn't be home base. It'd have to be the weekend escape for skiing in the winter and hammocking in the summer and stalking out Tom's new location during the other seasons.

I have written him a few times, Paul. He's always replied and he's always been charming. A gem, I say!

luscious loulou said...

Of course, michael. I knew we'd be in agreement on this point (the hammocking, the skiing) and then of course, the stalking goes without saying, really.

We shall follow the sound of hammering (more decks, no doubt) and the smell of sweaty man, then the smell of freshly showered man and the sound of a grand piano calling us home.

Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

Michael said...

Oh, I can dig it, as is amply evidenced by the state of my drawers after reading and the smell of sweaty man, then the smell of freshly showered man and the sound of a grand piano calling us home.
I couldn't resist sending TJ (::wink::) the link to this post. Here's hoping he gets a nibble from one of the habitues of Pipedreams. A nibble on his cabin, I mean. Now please excuse me while I imagine my commission.