Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm a man with a one track mind, so much to do in one lifetime

How much time do you spend absorbing media? The only time I'm not spooging stuff into my brain of the pop culture variety is when I'm working or working out. Well, really only when working, because when I'm lifting I have Max's mixes in my skull and when I'm treadmilling, I watch CNN. Is this normal? Or, more precisely, do you recognize this in yourself? Am I you? Here are my current favorites. This is what presently bathes my neural net. My synapses are dipped in them. My brainpain spilleth over with what follows. Get it?

What I'm Reading: Yes, yes, I'm finally done with The Power of Myth. Sorry I prattled on about it, but it was engrossing as a muthafucka, yo. Now I'm ankle deep in John Berendt's The City of Falling Angels. Also great. Venice has been on my To Do List, but Berendt makes you yearn for it. He meets characters who pop off the page. You know how some people are all technicolor for you apart from the sepia crowd? Those folks that rock you and your eyes are fixed on them. They grab you and hold you. Did you picture some people you know when I said that? Love those kind of people. Did we know them in a past life? What is that feeling we get from them? Can I possibly digress more or be more random? God, I have a stack of books as long as my leg, but I keep falling into things that make me wanna SAVOR, slow-like. The ebb and flow rolling type of pleasure I get from that is precious. Is that my yin or yang talkin'? I'll never get through what I have now, but it didn't stop me from picking up Magical Thinking and A Million Little Pieces last week. It would be daunting if it wasn't so fucking wonderful. How much do I love the thought of all those books waiting for me? Lots.

What I'm Surfing: Well, of course I'm reading the usual suspects, but thanks to Andrew, over the last few days I've been devouring Coming Out at 48. As TOA already stated, this boy can write his ass off. He makes you feel it, people. I imagine it'd be the same for you if you are straight. I was going to use loulou as an example of that, but she's an ID-ish sexual island unto herself (although I suspect she has a busy harbour at times). Where was I? Oh, I read his entire blog archive in the last few days. I laughed and I cried, sometimes at once. I've not made a secret of my life situation. I've never been married like he was, but I'm not completely OUT myself. The work situation (aka the prison of my own design) is what I'm always whining on and on about. Well, I think this guy is helping me, whether he knows it or not.

Who I'm Listening To: Will Young. There. I said it. I am LOVING him. Max turned me onto Will's latest single, via the Top Gun themed video with a decided queer bent. It's this kid's ballads that have me in a lather, though! Leave Right Now is sublime. Oh, shutup! He's part Simply Red, part Fine Young Cannibals and all achingly plaintive. Hurt me, bitch. Only after I was hooked did I find that he's an Idol winner from Britain! Maybe that was best. His website is cool, too. Given the opportunity, I'd shtup him.

What I Want To Be Watching: The last season of Six Feet Under. This DVD can't get here soon enough. I watched this series on DVD from Season 1 over the last year, so I had a relatively constant fix of four seasons in one year. Until now. I'm jonzing for funeral parlor hijinx, kids. It reminds me of my youth.

If you love or loathe any of this, holla back, homes.


The Other Andrew said...

Michael, if you think you'd shtup Big Gay Will Young now, head on over to Popjustice ( and have a look for the little item on the sidebar entitled "A thought provoking picture of Will Young".


Michael said...

Not such a little sidebar item, then, is it?
You instantly know where you stand with him AND to which side he dresses.

The Other Andrew said...

There's a certain 'up front' quality about the man. I like that.

I think he was really enjoying singing whatever song that was.

Michael said...

The time to hesitate is through
There's no time to wallow in the mire
Try now we can only lose
And our love becomes a funeral pyre

Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire

Michael said...

Damn, I just mobile blogged a picture from my phone (of a shirtless, calf-tastic tennis twink, natch) and it briefly appeared, but now it's gone. I was doing a dry run for Big Apple-y photos to come. Alas, it disappeared.

Bodhi said...

Reading: Actually, I am not reading any book at the moment, and I am completely OK with that. Though, as always, I enjoy the daily reading of my three weekday newspapers (Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald and The Financial Review). And then of course their is this months DNA Magazine (, with its hot Bondi cover boy Miro and a great Robbie Williams article, amongst other gems. Hmmmmmmmm, hotness.

Surfing: Much of my online time is spent either reading or commenting on my fave blogs (of which you and Andrew feature heavily, of course), or alternatively obsessing and updating over my own webpages. Adding some new links and making minor changes to my homepage, as you do. Checking stats, replying to emails and correspondence. We (my mate Paul and I) are soon to do a big update on our Buddhist Recovery website so there has been quite a bit of work involved there in recent months. Reading and subsequently reviewing new books, looking at new links to add. At the moment I am in the process of completing the writing of my recovery story (with pic!), which is going to be added to the site (

Listening: You know what, I actually have not been listening to that much music of late either. Jeeze, no books and no music, I must have a life or something, huh? Anyhoo, what I have been enjoying listening to of recent weeks is the sharing of experience, strength and hope from my fellow AA members. I recently made the decision to attend more meetings (long story, all good, but I will save you the details) and I must say that I am loving it. I have laughed, I have cried, I have nodded vigorously.

Watching: Well, aside from the countless sun-lovin' cuties that abound this time of year in Sydney, I have not even watched that much TV of late (ok, thats it, it seems I officially do have a life people). Mostly just the usual news and current affairs, with a small sprinking of a few fave shows which of course includes the must see last season of Queer as Folk.

Michael said...

Bodhi, I'll have to check out your sites for your story (and, of course, for your 'pic!'). Give us all the heads up when it's ready, k?
You know love the DNA, don't you. I have picked it up a time or two at the bookstore, but strangely never purchased. 'Details' this month (with Colin Farrel on the cover) is awesome. Essays by Michael Chabon AND Augusten Burroughs. Yay!
Can you believe I've never seen a single complete episode of QAF?

Bodhi said...

I will of course be happy to give you all the heads up when my story is up on the site, Mikey.

Yes, I do lurve the DNA, its my absolute favourite mag (probably of all time). Great pics with consistently hot guys, and great articles. What more could a gay boy want from a glossy, really?

You have never seen a single complete episode of QAF? Are you f**king kidding me! That alone is just cause to revoke your Pink License and excommunicate you from the true gay faithful!

I'm shocked. I'm appalled. I'm, I'm ... almost speechless!

Hire the DVD's. Watch them ALL immediately. Learn, laugh, lust, and love. Definately repeat as much as necessary.

Forgive him, Brian, Justin and Mikey, for he knows not what he has done.

Oh my Brad. OH My Brad. OH MY BRAD!!

The Other Andrew said...

My big read at the moment is "Son of a Witch" by Gregory Maguire. I'm enjoying it, but I have to say that it hasn't captured my imagination like "Wicked" did, but I'm just near the half-way point so far. Benefit of the doubt and all that.

Watching, well, a bunch of stuff but one noteworthy 'guilty pleasure' is "The Biggest Loser 2". I know, shocking and probably worthy of a shame spiral.

Michael said...

I've been thinking for some time about taking a quaff of QAF, Bodhi. I'll get on it. They threw out a new lure....queer bait, I cutting the price of Season 1 by 50%.

I've been wondering about your impressions of SOAW, Andy. I haven't heard from Debbie, either. Since there were no raves coming in, I hesitated to ask/know.

I cannot believe I failed to mention the craptastic "But Can They Sing?" with the Things I'm Watching. I heart Bai Ling. Also, this week, in lieu of tight pants to distract you from his creaky monotone, Antonio Sabato went shirtless.

The Other Andrew said...

I'll see your Antonio Sabato Jr and raise you (how apt) a Brodie Holland. Sadly "Dancing With The Stars 3" is now over, but Brodes was back for the finale on Tuesday night in a tail suit - looking almost as hot as when semi-naked.

I think I have a suit fetish. Seriously, how hot is a handsome guy in a suit?!

Michael said...

A fetish I had, but you've since fueled with your helpful link a few weeks back. I'm even more in thrall of a fine piece in a fine suit than I am of some of the other standards (big, black sex cop, et al).

The Other Andrew said...

That touches on one of my favourite first season 'Six Feet Under' moments when Claire is talking to Keith, and he is explaining why he is with David and that there isn't the usual role expectations with David. She's says "You mean, like the big, black sex cop thing?"


Michael said...

"Touches on", yes. That's where I "stole it from". It's one of the moments that made me love that show. I deeply loved Season 1 Claire, and intermittently thereafter.
Keith was just so BIG. I like that name. It feels good in my mouth.

The Other Andrew said...

Amen sista. Makes you wanna sit up and say 'yessir'!

I agree, season 1 Claire was aces. I wish they'd managed to keep her there without making her character stagnant. At least I got to sublimate my Eric Balfour bad boy desires through her for a while. What? We all need a little lean, pierced, tattoo'd bad boy now and then. Light and shade, people.

luscious loulou said...

Before I really read this thread, can I just say,

Michael, you are such a ::bleaaaaap::.

Okay. I'll be back with more pithy remarks. I'm away to the bibliothèque.

(I've wanted to find a willing Michael to use that on aaaaall day. You'd better get this, Michael.):P

Michael said...

Damn. At one time I was quite good at pleasing a woman. I dunno, loulou. Does this mean I'm out of the running for houseboy?

luscious loulou said...

I mean it in that English way, ya goof.

Houseboy? {now I'm all perked up... and after Invasion with Eddie of the cut-offs (and my dinner & dinner for my animal) I'm over to TOA to find out what this is all about}


Bodhi said...

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher..

I heart The Doors, Mikey :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Loulou, I just had to Google "Invasion, Eddie" to see what might have your knickers in a bunch. Eddie Cibrian! Is that the reference?

If you need further proof that you are my Id made manifest, last week I bought and watched the v lame "But I'm A Cheerleader!". Eddie Cibrian all beefed up in a white tank and tiny cut-offs. Playing gay. Beyond hot. Gets to 'screen kiss' Kip Pardue for Chrissakes... Dumb film though.

Michael said...

I love them, too, B. The Lizard King! The Oliver Stone movie about JM was pretty cool. I was all hyped up and horned up after it.

luscious loulou said...

"but she's an ID-ish sexual island unto herself (although I suspect she has a busy harbour at times)." ::sigh:: You've got me giddy.

You had me at savoring your books and well, delicous burrowed you right down inside me, Michael. Silver-tongued devil with such a sweet, yet lascivious soul.

I went to the library last night to pick up my 3 reserved books: came home with 16. Some are re-reads, some just from the titles, some I couldn't believe that they were even there because I've been dying to read them. Open a page and I'm just sucked in ::whooooosh::. They're piled up on coffeetables, by the bed, on the nighttables, in the bed. I read a few passages and just want to roll around in the ideas, the words and the pictures they paint inside me for awhile.

I learned quite a while ago that I have to limit myself to a chapter at a time. Discipline, if you will. So I think I have maybe 30 or so books on the go right now. Some I will plow through despite my need to defer the gratification because you know, sometimes just plunging in and submerging myself and then coming up for air is the only way. Then I do it all again, but slower.

Will..."achingly plaintive". Oh you know it. And you mention Simply Red and FYC. You fiend!

Time for more downloads. Oh yeah.


luscious loulou said...

Andrew, I don't really watch Invasion, per se. It's about aliens and coverups and a mysterious hurricane or something.

More like I swan into the tv room off and on to check and see if somehow Eddie has managed to get himself sweaty or deluged in a rainstorm or fallen into a warm bath. Just hoping that maybe his clothes are sticking to some of his interesting bits and pieces, you know. The show kinda sucks but eye-candy Eddie keeps me coming back.

Still ID-ish?

The Other Andrew said...

Still ID-ish, it would seem. Get "But I'm A Cheerleader" sometime, it's mildly diverting, has art direction that's on drugs, and then fast forward through most of it until you get to the bits with Eddie. Hotness.