Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Every move you make, I'll be watching you

Someone definitely should have given me the heads up on But Can They Sing?. This shit is seriously hot. Morgan Fairchild, Bai Ling and Joey Pants competing in a singing competition American Idol-stizz? Genius. Sign me up for the season. And my impression of Antonio Sabato, Jr.'s crooning Every Breath You Take? His pants were really tight.

P.S. The host? None other than (arguably) the most appealing of the Zappa sibs, Ahmet.


wingedman said...

That. Is a seriously. HAWT. Pic.

But yeah I'd lurrve to see the celebs' faces when they're told they're just "not good enough". Man that Bai Ling will do ANYTHING for fame won't she?

The Other Andrew said...

She gets her mug (and just about minge sometimes) on Go Fug Yourself more than any other 'celebrity' I swear.

freakgirl said...

Bai Ling singing "Like A Virgin" was one of the greatest moments in television this year. It was unbelievable. At the end she even ripped off her skirt. It was awesome.

TVGasm put up audio clips:

Michael said...

Wasn't it, freakgirl? The show actually humanized her a bit for me, though. She was all nervous before. With good cause as it turns out, huh?

wingedman, it is a HAWT picture. Is he? Ahmet made a joke about Antonio being the one man he'd go gay for.

Loved this show. They were all SO bad and for a good cause, it seems.

Maggie said...

This will air eventually on one of our music channels...can't wait! I love Ahmet. He is teh pretty.

Michael said...

And wild and loud on this, Maggie. Seems like a fun guy.

The Other Andrew said...

Who are the dudes in the pic Mr Mike?

Michael said...

The man about to be serviced is Antonio Sabato, dude! What's up with that photo? THat's why I was wondering if he's really gay. I think he was briefly married to Virginia Madsen maybe?
Isn't he freaking smoldering hot in that shot?

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, I kind of thought it looked a bit like him but then thought 'no, not when another dude is like totally about to blow him'. Weird. It's not a pic from a gay themed movie or something?

I'm not complaining, but it's a weird pic for a straight man.

Speaking of gay themed pics, I bought a copy of the deeply silly film "But I'm A Cheerleader" (and therefore don't understand that it isn't good to start a sentence with a preposition...) solely because Eddie Cibrian is teh hotness in it. Dude is built, and wears a tighty white singlet and tiny cutoffs for almost the entire pic. I'm very shallow.

Bodhi said...

Speaking of shallow [he says, as he emerges from the wading pool]

Andrew, you know how King Street turns into City Road, right? And then I am sure you are well aware where City Road turns into Broadway, at those lights, right near Victoria Park? Anyhoo, there is often guys window washing cars at the traffic lights for some spare change at that intersection, yeah? Nothing unusual in that.

But, yesterday, on the way to my Doctors when passing by said lights in the bus going down Broadway (stop breaking into showtunes you pair, m'kay), I was utterly distracted by an awesome, no, actually make that AWESOME, sight.

This hot, tanned and so built young musced dude wearing nothing but a pair of tiny red briefs and a red Santa hat, offering to wash windows for the usual change. Just standing there, all buffed, glistening and a little soapy. I almost gave myself whiplash just getting a good look at the lad. I almost felt like illegaly commandering or hi-jacking the bus just to give him a chance to wash ALL our windows. Hell, I don't even have a license, but is anyone willing to loan me a car?

So keep your eyes out at that intersection over coming weeks, m'kay. I for one hope to see him again there very soon.

And yes, before you ask, his "squidgee" was very impressive.

The Other Andrew said...

One year, years ago, during the AIDS fundraiser 'Shop Yourself Stupid' on Oxford St (in the heart of the Sydney gay ghetto) there was a bunch of 'gay porn star' type boys doing window washes at the traffic lights in nothing but tighty whitey y-fronts and Doc Martin boots. Waxed and buffed - and that's just the boys.

They raised more than money.

luscious loulou said...

Antonia has that 80's porn star look: the blowdried hair, the necklace and matching wristband. Not a look I normally find thrilling.

You know, maybe it's a Doctor checking the slight swelling at the junction of 'Tonio's legs. He looks to be in earnest and seems like a thorough kind of Doc. Careful and slow. You ever think of that?

Yeah, that's it. ::nodding vigorously::

Bodhi said...

"Antonia has that 80's porn star look: the blowdried hair, the necklace and matching wristband. Not a look I normally find thrilling."

Wait a sec there Luscious, I will have you know that I have bought a necklace and matching wristband for my boy, Rabbit. And I'm not talking 80's here (when, lets face it, he was still a child), I'm talkin recently. In fact, I'm not beyond even accessorizing it further with say a muscle shirt or two. {as one is wont to do, eh Mikey?). Ummmm, and despite his mega-short hairstyle I'm not beyond giving him a blow job at times either, but lets not go there ...

I can assure you that he makes it look good, as does my hottie Antonio. There is nothing cheap about this look. OK, the guys might be, but I purchase quality shit, m'kay, and I can assure you that does not come cheap.

Much like moi, really ;-)

Anyhoo, by right of reply, I say this this look works.

luscious loulou said...

Oh I agree, bodhi.

Just not a look I normally go for. I like the Jason Statham look (shaved and buff) or the Ralph Lauren look. That's mostly because a lot of the blokes I work with have the neck/wrist thing going on and there's an expression about messing with workmates that I can't remember just now but basically means , don't! So I look for other hot types.

And the singlet and the blowjob,yeah. I see where you're coming from. Hot. Hot.

I apologise for any misunderstanding, bodhi.

Hugs all 'round?


Bodhi said...

Ahhhhh. M'kay.

(((HUGS))) sweetness.

Michael said...

Well you just had to go and make me google image Jason Statham, loulou. Spanks, dear.

The Other Andrew said...

Ditto, ah yes "The Transporter". Hot, a nice bit of 'yang'. Kind of like that look too.