Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lord, I'm a cynical bitch...gonna scratch that itch

So Robbie dropped his new nut, what, like 3-4 weeks ago? Where's the chatter? Did I miss it? It wasn't instant love for me, but that kinda love, while heady, is superficial. My love for Robbie goes deeper than that. I'm feeling him now. Youse?


Bodhi said...

Despite the fact that the Robster has not announced Australia as part of his world tour for 2006, it was reported in today's paper that he recently stated to a local tour promoter that he would "see you in the later half of 2006".

So hopefully he definately has something planned. Rumour mills abound that it may well be another few stadium shows as he did (and sold out - and I was there!) last time he visited Down Under.

I've seen him twice, already, but three time is the charm, I say. Especially when its someone as talented, funny, cheeky, entertaining and downright sexy as Mr Williams. I heart the boy so much Mikey, it almost hurts.

I have a link to his official website (www.robbiewilliams.com/) on my homepage now. Not to mention I also have one for Kylie, Madonna and Backstreet Boys. I know, I know ... my daughter already tells me that I am sooooo gay.

Robbie is in 12-step recovery you know. I read a recent biography that well and truly confirmed that well known fact. M'kay, I admit, I might have read three biographies. Anyhoo, I wonder if he needs an AA sponsor? ...

Oh lord
Make me pure
But not yet

Michael said...

I'd KILL to see him just once.

xtine (xtinefiles.blogspot.com), the little bitch, is seeing Robbie in London. The main thing wrong with that sentence is there's no Mike in it.

Bodhi said...

Hmmmm .... maybe you not bother with the idea of stalking Jake and petting his puggle in New York, and get thee to Los Angeles and stake out Robbie's home there? I'm sure that you could equally find something of Robbie's to pet ...

Either that or crash xtine's fun and answer London's call.

London calling to the faraway towns
Now that war is declared-and battle come down
London calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls

Will keep you updated on any potential Aussie tour Mr Mike, as updates come to hand and word from the street filters down to yours truly.

Jay said...

I'm fed up of Robbie songs, but still very much in lust with the man himself.

Michael said...

Keep your finger on the pulse, Bodhi. Give me the heads up.

Jay, he's close to crossing over like dat for me, too. Haven't loved anything from him for a bit, but I'm still loving his bits.

freakgirl said...

I love the new album, but not the same kind of love I had for the earlier ones. I don't care, though. Just knowing he's on the same planet as us is fine with me.

But christ, why can't he just play a small show in the States? If he wants to feel loved, play a small venue. Come on, Robbie! I did get to see him once, at the Tribeca Concert for New York. The crowd wasn't there for him, but you wouldn't have known it if you were in the first ten rows. People were going apeshit, and by "people," I mean "me."

Michael said...

God I would love seeing you go apeshit. I would love to go apeshit with you. One day.

Bodhi said...

And whilst we are speaking about all things Robbie, this article appeared in yesterday afternoon's free commuter paper MX here in Sydney:

Robbie Williams has bought an $18.6 million luxery yacht. He has uncreatively names the 35 metre cruiser 'My RW'. "Robbie is keen to escape the limelight when he can," a source told London's The Sun newspaper.

"He felt the boat was the perfect way to dissapear without being recognised. He is going to keep it in the Mediterranean so he can enjoy sun-soaked holidays." But Williams is unlikely to be lonely - his boat sleeps 24 people.

All of which begs me to ask the following question: Knowing that its allegedly the motion of the ocean and not the size of the craft that matters, does this mean if my Robbie ever has to face an impressive swell that he could indeed go down?

Please give this query some due consideration. It's thoughts like this that are keeping me up half the night ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

I think I passed the tipping point of it being all about him, rather than his actual music, a while back.

Or as I like to think of it 'The Ricky Martin Syndrome'.

Bodhi said...

Oh thanx Andrew, just mention Ricky Martin why don't you. Now I will probably be up the other half of the night as well ...

Hmmmmm, Ricky, chupar es mi pinga. Si. Si. Esto es cojonudo!