Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy

5 Things Making Me Happy Today

1. Tomorrow is Haircut Day. I know, it's not until tomorrow, but the joy of Haircut Day perfuses the day ahead and flows at least for two days hence.

2. Dane Cook is hosting Saturday Night Live on December 3. Yay! And thanks for the heads up, Duane Moody. Grab a cashew and start practicing, boys.

3. They are predicting 1-3 inches of snow for tomorrow night. Yeah, I know for many of you that sucks, but I must admit I love to see it. I don't have far to commute and Thursday is Thanksgiving anyway so I can sleep in a bit and then put on some trail shoes and crunch and slip along for an easy morning run in the cold and snow. Love.

4. I did about 75% of my holiday shopping in the last two days, all of it online. The goodness of this is two-fold. No fighting the mooing crowds AND my chunk of a UPS man will come a knockin'. Multiple times.

5. I exfoliated last night and even at my advanced age, you'd like to run your hands down my spine right now. Trust me. Of course, you might wanna close your eyes and imagine someone else's head attached to my back, but otherwise, it's quite nice.


freakgirl said...

1. Shit, tomorrow's not Haircut Day for me! We're off-schedule. I AM getting my period, though.

2. If anyone can remove the funny from Dane Cook, SNL can.

3. I like snow much more than I let on. I just haven't mentally prepared myself for winter yet (i.e. not enough cute sweaters and tightish jeans). I did get a nice pair of boots, though.

4. I have a stack of catalogs about 20 high with post-its all over them. Also, last night, the geekboy and I went toy shopping for the (what seems like) thousands of children in our life and filled up a cart with goodness. Is anyone else around here familiar with Polly Pockets and, if so, could you please explain the fascination?

5. My hands are really, really cold.

Michael said...

1. I'm regular like clockwork (with haircuts), so it must be you. I did move it up a few days due to Thanksgiving because the other alternative was to wait an extra week. No.
2. I worried about that same thing. They can't un-hot him, though.
3. I have recently purchased two sweaters that I jadore. A light grey silk-cashmere blend crew neck that seems like it'd melt in your mouth and one of those zip-collar ones in an athletic cut (hug me, bitch) in a deep espresso shade. Oh, bless me, I'm a girl sometimes.
Bring it on, Freeze Miser.
4. For a buggering bachelor, I'm buying an awful lot of toys, too. My sister always wants me to buy books for her girls (she says I pick the BEST ones)(she's right). I got some really cute ones, including a fabulous Wizard of Oz pop-up, then found the topper: Walter, The Farting Dog. We are talking BOOK and FARTING PLUSH TOY. That's genius for a 4 y.o., people.
5. OK. LOVE cold hands. Love them in two places esp. and my back is one. Would you like to keep that prize, or trade for what's behind the curtain?

freakgirl said...

I'm sort of curious to know what's behind the curtain, because I personally cannot cope with cold hands anywhere on my naughty bits.

I am so buying Walter the Farting Dog for someone. Maybe my husband.

And, finally, did you know that Dane Cook was approached in 1996 to be an SNL cast member? Thankfully, he turned them down.

The Other Andrew said...

I must have pretty poor circulation, because in Winter I always have freezing cold hands and feet. Icicles. Last Winter I even resorted to using a hot water bottle some nights, otherwise I just couldn't get me feet warm. Maybe it's elderly decrepitude?

I have a bunch of kids to buy for this year, as friends have been pushing them out in droves. Wee kiddies are easier to buy for, something noisy is always fun (especially for the parents).

Michael, love the sound of the sweaters and the silky back. Also coveting the Wizard of Oz pop up!

Michael said...

I said it already, but a farting dog is just genius. My four year old niece, and your husband, will LOVE it.
I did NOT know that about Dane. Yeah, good thing he took a pass on SNL. I looked back at old stuff he's done and he's just really taken time to come into his own. The last few years he's really hit his comedy stride. Now he's bona fide.
Andrew, my skin isn't exactly silky, but very smooth now nonetheless. Loofah, baby, along with the Aveda Exfoliating Scrub that smells completely DIVINE. God, their stuff smells SO good. This woman I sometimes see at work uses their products and she made this custom scent for herself with their essential oils that makes me wanna bury my nose in her. Ahem. So, yes, the Wizard pop-up. The twister is KILLER. You open the page and it actually spirals up!

The Other Andrew said...

I've always wanted to try the Aveda make your own fragrance thing. When I finish my current Shampoo (American Crew citrus & mint) I'm going to switch to Aveda. Love their stuff too. Given my obsession with L'Occitane lemon verbena, you get that I'm a fragrance obsessive, right?

OMG, I need that Wizard of OZ pop up book. Surrender Dorothy!