Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hush-a-bye, "I'll buy you this and that", you hear a daddy sayin'

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This is another blurry phone photo that somehow works (at least for me). It kinda captures the energy around Times Square. I snapped it on our way into the show. You know what? The old line about "the city that never sleeps" couldn't be more true. And I couldn't have felt more at home. I felt a kind of moving on.


Kody said...

Just thought I'd let ya know that I enjoy your blog!

Hope you're havin' a great weekend!


luscious loulou said...

Ooooh, Da Great White Way. Hey! Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I think I want to see the Putnam County Spelling Bee. Saw a bit on the Tony's.

Now, I'm just smiling in an-ti-ci-pation for "Michael's triumphant tales".

luscious loulou said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am sitting comfortably. G'ahead. :D

luscious loulou said...

& the verizon info makes me laugh, ya cutie Michael with your new technology.

The Other Andrew said...

Dude, seriously, it's time to come back now. Really, all is forgiven. I'm jonesing without a daily 'Dreams input. Don't make get all 'needy' in a public forum, I have an aloof, cold, hard exterior to keep up.

Hello? Is this thing on?... Crap. [click]

Michael said...

kody, sorry it took me so long to respond, but thanks! I'm gonna check out your SPOT when I get a minute. It was a GREAT weekend. Hey, I might have to blog about it! ;-)

loulou, it was a wonderful weekend. Savory, baby. It wasn't triumphantly gay, but held its own charms. The stories would be mostly entertaining for ME alone, so...they'll fit perfectly here at PIPEDREAMS now won't they? As for me being all wirelessly high tech blogtastic, if you must make a small shrine to me, well, then you must.
And Andrew, I don't wanna whine about exhaustion keeping me away and I wish my lack of sleep had to do with wanton and athletic sack-jockeying, but it was mostly wanton and Bacchanalian barhopping and then sharing an outrageously price hotel room, not with a Prada-sporting hotness, but my sister who snores like a hacksaw and then, just to mix things up, grinds her teeth a bit. Jealous?

The Other Andrew said...

Jealous, errrr, how hot's your sister? (Of course, I kid!)

Glad you had a good time. Sorry about the lack of Prada-sporting hotness, I must have sent him to the wrong room. Nice to have you back.


PS. 'Sack-jockeying' Har!

luscious loulou said...

Shrine is up, naturellement.

Savoury, baby. Aaah. And of course you felt at home for I too have felt it's primal call. Shopping and Urban Hotties and Theatre and you know, other stuff.

Now to get serious. I have found a new real estate site for me and my future houseboy.
Manhattan, Queens?.... I'm still cruisin' thru.

Now to finish with this place and find work in that place.


maddie said...

I just have to say - seeing those pictures makes me miss NYC so badly...I loooove New York. I know exactly what you mean about Times Square - I love going out there at 2am, the energy is the same as if it was 8 at night. So awesome.

Glad you had a good time!

luscious loulou said...

To continue:

Maybe NoHo?

Green glass hand-made in Barcelona? The "helmut langs" of architecture and Ian Schrager. This might be good.

I'm taking over your blog, Michael. Gah!


The Other Andrew said...

Paging Miss Engle! Paging Miss Engle!


The Other Andrew said...


Was that a tumbleweed, just went by?

luscious loulou said...

I can hear the ocean... in my head if that helps? Kind of like inside of a conch shell.

And since I can't find the priest (I love beautiful men of the cloth) thread, I shall plant this url here.

Well here, actually:

So far, the huomo stroking the kittycat and the otro huomo right afterwards have taken up residence in my shell-like head.

::sound of lapping waves::

The Other Andrew said...

Hey you're right, if you put your ear up to this blog you can hear the sea!

savante said...

Oh, I haven't been there but I can just imagine!!


luscious loulou said...

I think Michael must be awfully busy at work and maybe a wee bit worried about something that he needs to work out.

Otherwise, you know he would have offered us a beverage or a savoury snack of some sort. Michael the workaholic, I shall say a little prayer for you. And sing, of course (like Aretha.)

The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I'll say a little prayer for you
While combing my hair, now,
And wondering what dress to wear, now,
I'll say a little prayer for you.

Xtine said...

what an amazing picture. It does capture the eerie spirit of times square, a place with such vivid neon color yet so packed with people walking at such paces. Times Square is truly, deeply a blur.

Michael said...

loulou, I checked out that the NY real estate site. Now THOSE are some daunting prices, for me anyway. I could afford a studio maybe, possibly with an alcove if I resolved to eat ramen and shop at the Old Navy.

maddie, if you're still around, yeah, the energy is like no other place.

loulou redux, I've seen that calendar of caliente clergy before. Bless ME, Father. Part of the reason I love my current Aveda shampoo is that it suggests the aroma of incense burned in the scepters of my altar boy youth. And it also suggests fresh out of the shower man...if I'm your man, anyway. And yeah, work was busy, loulou. As soon as I returned, I had to cover for someone. Also, I was working through a few things. I may be a faggot, but I'm all MAN and you know how we get. All growly bear-like and hibernating with our troubles.
xtine, it is the best blur ever.

Bodhi said...

(Forever) Forever, and ever, (you'll stay in my heart
and I will love you)
(Forever) Forever, and ever, (we never will part
Oh, how I love you)
(Together) Together, forever , (that's how it must be
To live without you)
Would only mean heartbreak for me, ooh

I run for the bus, dear,
While riding I think of us, dear,
I say a little prayer for you

At work I just take time
And all through my coffee break-time,
I say a little prayer for you

(Forever) Forever, and ever, (you'll stay in my heart
and I will love you)
(Forever) Forever, and ever, (we never will part
Oh, how I love you)
(Together) Together, forever, (that's how it must be
To live without you)
Would only mean heartbreak for meeeee...

[I hearts ya LouLou!]