Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It feels like somebody put something, somebody put something in my drink

I'm just back from the coffee shop. Got what I usually get when I'm feeling the midafternoon lull. I'm not sure what it's called in the true Italian coffee parlance, but I know it as a blackeye. It's a large coffee with two shots of espresso. Picks your ass right up. Anyway, I'm beginning to think they are putting something in their drinks. Remember a few weeks back when I ran into my old neighbor kid, all grown up into a self-conscious and fey twink? Well, witness this little exchange as I walked up to the counter at the same time as a military recruiter in his full camou gear:

ME: Oh, you go ahead.
GI Joe: Thanks, sir. I'll have a ummmm...a mocha please. I'm gonna be bad today.
ME: It's good to be bad sometimes.
GI Joe: Yeah, but I'm bad alot.
ME: Sugar, chocolate and caffeine all wrapped up in one convenient and attractive package. There are worse things. ::giving him the once over:: You look like you can afford it.
GI Joe: If I didn't work out so much, I'd be as big as a house.

Hmmmm, I think GI Joe was actually GI Mo (or GI Stephen). "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" indeed.


Bodhi said...

[*Drool* slips from the corner of my mouth as I stare wide eyed and gaping at the picture above]

freakgirl said...

I simply love how Michael always has a hot pic at the ready, no matter what he's posting.

Sharing coffee with a GI? Here's a picture of a guy pulling down his camo pants.

The Other Andrew said...

He had you at "Sir", right?

Freakgirl, can you even imagine the hard drive in his computer? (Sorry, I know, tender subject for you at present) Pity the day that thing ever needs to go into the shop, it'd take a few days just to remove The Gus Mattox Collection.

yaniboy said...

You are SUCH a flirt! Or is it just caffine that brings out your inner vamp?

Michael said...

bodhi, are you familiar with that dude? He's done gay jack-off vids and he was a centerfold in MEN. He's now doing time in prison for domestic abuse, I think. Still hot.

freakgirl, sometimes I have to do a Google search for a shot. Not often, but sometimes. ;-)

Andy, this guy was definitely a mo. What st8 guy says "big as a house"? Plus, he was all about the eye contact. If I did't have to get back to work, I'd have tried to work him.

yani, I'm not always, but this guy was just begging for it. Also, if those are YOUR EYES in the avatar, I'm DYING.

Bodhi said...

I plead the 5th on that question, Mikey. Which probably answers you anyways ... ;-)

luscious loulou said...

Save as "hot-army-guy".


::sigh:: And so obedient, doncha think? Lookin' to be told. Oh, Mikey, next time fuck work! Or at least be late with good reason. C'mon.

Michael said...

Sometimes I could SWEAR you've hacked me, loulou. If you wanna know why this made me lol, just do a google image search using 'hot army guy' and see what comes up.

luscious loulou said...

Well, look at who is first in line for our delight! Hah. Hot army guy! Funny.

And did you follow this delightful fella to his friend showing off in his tighties?... (although sadly, headless... so to speak).

(And the other 13 pages of David's, thank-you, btw David. Some right classics you've gathered together. Some Herb Ritts & Kurt Markus by the looks of it. I could be wrong. http://www.fortunecity.com/village/montgomery/614/pics.html#antifortune)

No? I don't believe you, mikey. I can hear my hard drive (I call him Charlie drive) going into "pantpantpant" mode right now. Look out!!! Charlie's going to blow!!!!

But I digress. :D

Michael said...

Wow. David (and now Mike) has quite the compilation!
All with the rippedness. A good thing yes, but my galleries allow for a little more variety...like body hair....some chunk....