Thursday, November 24, 2005

You know my dreams, must be listening when I'm talking in my sleep

It's Thanksgiving, y'all! I'm thankful for my family and and my friends both old and new and also for all my bounty and whatnot. I whine sometimes, but I know I got it good. My horn o' plenty is spilling over with lots of juicy goodness. Marvel at my cornucopia!
I enjoyed myself today, while still exercising some restraint at the trough of victuals. Even so, nothing would be more lovely right now than a nap on the couch spooned up like the brothas in the photo. It's 19 fucking Fahrenheit degrees here people! That's -7.3 C for all you non-US bitches. Snuggle me, will ya? What's a boy gotta do to get some skintact around here? I should post a photo of the frigging meteorology that is happening right outside my window. Whiteout snow. Hmmm, I need to reconsider that January trip to the Southern Hemisphere. You only go 'round once. Well, at least in this guise anyway. Holla Buddhists!

Added: I got Luther playing for chrissake. Anyone?


The Other Andrew said...

Awwww. Cold, pet? I'd offer to spoon you but with a) tyranny of distance and b) tyranny of height difference, it would be problematic. You'd be all long spiky limbs, it'd be like trying to cover a tarantula with a postage stamp.

It's hot and wet here today. Anyone?

This post is filled with so many gems! I think "Marvel at my cornucopia!" is Expression Of The Week at TOA now.

"You only go 'round once. Well, at least in this guise anyway. Holla Buddhists!" Holla 'Michael'!

Michael said...

I'm not THAT large. Besides, you'd be in front (duh!).

Bodhi said...

Holla, Mikey

Ooooh, check me out, I'm a holla back girl ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

...but then you're spooning me, right? You have dominance issues.

You may not be THAT large, but I am THAT tiny. I'm 'dance on the head of a pin' tiny.

Bodhi said...

large? tiny?

Excuse me whilst I supress a fit of giggles

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah well, I usually like to be referred to myself as 'short' because it avoids the sniggering words like 'small' and 'tiny' bring on.

Would prefer I used 'huge' for you, instead of 'large'?

The Other Andrew said...

Damn I didn't notice that was Bodes last comment... You've met me Bodes, I'm sure you can guess the truth. :-)

Michael said...

Picturing you in Gwen's white hotpants and band major tallhat, Bodhi. K?

I know, A, I know. You are frolicking around the thread spools and paper clips tiny. By the time I got all wrapped around you, just your little hobbity punum would be showing. Oh, you'd be sighing.

The Other Andrew said...

That I would, Mr Mike.

Michael said...

I'm tall, but slight. Long, but lean. And with big heads.

Michael said...

PS Isn't that picture (stolen from Bedtime Stories) just delicious?

The Other Andrew said...

You have more than one head? Big heads... What?


Yes the pic is delicious.

Bodhi said...

That pic is scrum-diddly-umptious.

Mikey, whatever works for you sweetie. M'kay.

Personally you know that I am more than willing to bring out a whole delectable range of cutlery positions, right? Hell, we can even dispense of the utensils and just get right into it with whatever we have a hand ...

And Andrew, sweetie darling sweetie, in the world of friends and bloggers you will always be a giant :-)

I'm chanting as I type, sweetie

[Mental note to self: return Series 1 and 2 of Ab Fab to local video store ...asap ...]