Friday, February 10, 2006

And if I'm ugly then so are you

Ohio sucks. If you need evidence of this, look no further than the legislation that's been introduced in the House. Where is all this hate coming from? Is it going to get worse before it gets better? This is disgusting and the harm I feel from it is nothing compared to the harm to kids who could otherwise be cared for by loving parents. Sucks.

UPDATE: Thanks to JEN for pointing out that this measure has been killed.

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Added: Speaking of ugly, check out what Ann Coulter has to say in her diatribe against Islam. In what world do Catholics/Christians NOT try to foist their beliefs and values on others?

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Jen said...

I saw that this morning on a political blog and it was like a punch to the gut.

Michael said...

It is exactly like that. A sick feeling every damn time. If this happens, is it such a stretch for them to take kids already adopted out of gay households? Prevent gay people from using a surrogate? I know some of this actually happens now.

The people that really believe this is OK are disgusting enough, but nothing compared to the people who are manipulating them for political and financial gain.

freakgirl said...

This is absolutely vile. Vile.

Every time I read about this sort of utter nonsense, I think about my friends Sam and Mark. In the past two years they have adopted two adorable little boys who had nowhere else to go. Recently they were contacted by foster care to tell them about a 15 year-old boy whose parents moved to Florida and left him behind to sleep on a park bench. They've since took him in, and last marking period he made the honor roll.

Without Sam and Mark, all three of those kids could have ended up being shuffled through the system forever, or, in the case of the teenager, dead.

Shame on Ohio for this. Shame.

xiaoxia said...

Michael, have you ever seen Daddy and Papa? It's an amazing documentary concerning the lives of gay men who are adoptive parents and the struggles they have to face. I watched that three years ago on PBS and I basically bawled my eyes out for those brave men.

The notion that if a child is raised by gay parents that the child will become gay and "immoral" is appalling. The fact that people actually want to take children away from these loving parents is even more appalling.

Jen said...

Hey, good news, this thing is stopped, at least for now.

Michael said...

Thanks, Jen. I added your link to the post.

"Most reasonable people would have a preference for being in a loving, alternative setting rather than an abusive, heterosexual setting," Scott Borgemenke told the Columbus Dispatch.


Michael said...

freakgirl, I hope this direction the country is headed changes soon, because these fanatical people are never going to change. The only flimsy argument they use is that kids are better off with a mother and a father. Firstly, I'd like to see that study and secondly, I don't know about you, but when I look around, I don't see such shining examples of heterosexual parenthood. Ridiculous. Like with your friends, I think that people aren't clamoring to adopt the kids taken in by these 'alternative' families.

xiaoxia, it is appalling. They claim that a child is better off with a mother and a father, so will we then keep single people from adopting? The argument doesn't even make sense, but it's all they have to hang their hat on since they can't just come out and speak the truth-- we're subjugating you because we think you're immoral and wrong and also because we can.

The Other Andrew said...

That Ann Coulter sure sounds like a crazy, mean bitch.