Friday, February 03, 2006

Finally it has happened to me right in front of my face

OK, this being the last season, I was hoping that Will would get back together with Vince. I adore Vince. J'adore Vince. However, if Will gets to spend sitcom eternity with a gay version of Taye Diggs? Tell me people, is it right that a man can be that fucking hot? Look at him. And he can sing? And dance? Shut the fuck up. He's the hottest thing going on 2 wheels/3 legs (cuz you know he's packin'). Finally, just take a moment and imagine how he must smell. Fuck. I'm gushing, I know, but right? I know many of you are completely over this show, but I laughed out loud at least twice last night and that is well above my minimum quotient for sitcom enjoyment. There's only a few months left. Will should get LOVE, shouldn't he? Before you answer that you should realize that I'm basically asking if I should get LOVE, seeing as how I've gotten about as much as he has in the last ten years.
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luscious loulou said...

Well, I was thinking of you when Will asked, "May I kiss the bride" so I'd say "yeah". I'll bet there was some pant action. D'ja think?

So michael, there is definitely a Taye "fuckin' hot" Diggs in your future. You are worthy and you're even better than Will from what I can tell, anyway.

Ooh, look at Taye's arms (and he uses a shirtboard! Oh yeah.)

He is just getting more luscious. I thought he was very Tyson Beckford (I did an image google and had to mop up)sitting at the table, mopin' and doing the Princess Diana head down, eyes peeking up thing. How about the both of 'em? Mmmmmmm. ::slurp::... delicately, of course. I bet he smells hot too. Okay. I'll stop.

freakgirl said...

I gave up on Will & Grace a few seasons ago because I couldn't cope with all the guest stars. Plus sometimes I find the show borderline offensive. Late last night I was watching it in syndication and I said out loud, "God, Will is really fucking whiny." And the geekboy, who I thought was asleep, yelled, "And you're just figuring this out NOW?"

Regardless, I used to adore the show. I know this is the last it worth catching? I think it's on against "Survivor" and "Smallville," though, so chances are I'll have to wait for repeats.

freakgirl said...


maddie said...

I was hoping you would post about last night's episode! Yes, Taye is HAWTTT as freakgirl says...he's breathtakingly gorgeous.

That kiss shocked me - just because it's the longest serious kiss they've shown Will involved in the entire series that wasn't with Grace. They didn't cut away or anything. It wasn't frenchy or anything, but a lot for a network. It took them until the end of the series to show 2 men kissing seriously. Sad.

My favorite part last night was between Debra and Taye with this line "You thought I was a HOOKER? :pause: I'll take that."

Freakgirl ~ I only watch W&G anymore for Sean Hayes and Debra Messing's comic timing. The onslaught of guest stars and so-so writing have made it go downhill. I still watch the reruns of old shows and laugh my ass off, so they did have a good run.

Jen said...

I can't believe I missed this last night. Forgot to set the 'puter TIVO and everything. Damn.

I usually watch for Megan Mullally, who I think is a fucking goddess, but the groundbreaking nature of this show for queer politics is something I will always deeply respect and appreciate, all drawbacks and criticisms considered. I always figured they'd eventually hook Will & Jack up (something I would not do as a writer), but I really do hope they give Will the Good Love before they sign off to snowy screen land.

Michael said...

Loulou, seriously, better than Will? Muah! Thanks. Not so much, but bless you for seeing Taye in my future.......OK, who else is swaying and saying 'tay in the win' Nell-stizz right now? Just me then? I want a shirtboard now. Think I can work one off one of the boys at Banana Republic?

freakgirl, it's definitely not at its peak, but I have never stopped loving it. PS? I think it got better just after you gave it up. The last two seasons have been on the upswing, I think. Def. worth catching just for the resolutions. I still get at least two or three giddy HAs every ep. And yes, Taye is HAWTTTT, as you say. He was in swim trunks at one point, yo. And a few weeks back in a tan suede blazer...sigh.

maddie, I felt the same way about the kiss--longish! Even if it was close-lipped. I mean they didn't have to go for brainstem, but part the lips a little for a brotha. Yeah, for a very gay show, it was the only serious kiss we've seen in what? 8 years? I loved that part you're talking about, too. He looks around and says, "I'm taking up all your time and you have lots of money to make." Also when Taye says, "I know his favorite color is antique paper. And he named his shirtboard Flatamir...."! If you can't wait for the rerun, I'll see if I can burn a copy for you, seeing as I (ahem) NETWORKED my TiVo this week. Aren't I a big boy? I worship Megan Mullaly as well. For me, with some shows, you get such an affection for the characters that it carries you through the slow parts/weaker episodes. Material that is just OK is kinda great in their hands.

Oh, and speaking of the endless parade of guest stars, have y'all heard that Britney is gonna be on now? She plays a Christian fundamentalist who hosts a cooking show, "Cruci-fixin's"!

Michael said...

PS You have to love an episode with jokes about a drugged, drunken Colin Farrell, a drunken Tara Reid, and desperately D-listed Kathy Griffin.

freakgirl said...

Well, shit, any show that makes fun of Tara Reid is A-OK in my boook.

I will definitely catch repeats.

Michael said...

It'll be worth it for Taye alone.
If you still have reservations, watch Four Kings first, cuz anything will seem like genius after that.