Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You can't stop my happiness cuz I like the way I am

I'm a musical theater gay so I wasn't about to miss Hairspray while it was in town. Any of y'all seen it? I went in with few expectations having heard little about it other than the Tony awards it received on Broadway a few years back. This show is FUN, kids. The songs have a 50's-60's vibe to them and the production numbers are big and boisterous, as are a few of the stars. Really funny, too. You can definitely see John Waters' fingerprints all over this thing. A few of the cast were outstanding. I especially enjoyed J.P. Dougherty as Edna Turnblad, the part Harvey Fierstein played on Broadway. Momma sang bass. He was hysterical. My only small disappointment was that Wilbur Turnblad was supposed to be played by none other than minor gay icon Jim J. Bullock (holla Monroe!) but the understudy did a nice job with it. If you're serving singing, dancing and comedy, I'll always clean my plate, ma'am. Spice it up with a take me for what I am theme? Dude, I'm unbuttoning my pants in post-prandial bliss. You know that's figurative, right?

Speaking of Jim J., in the wake of Brokeback Mountain comes a feature length version of Queer Duck.


The Other Andrew said...

I'm not sure I can add anything to this because I haven't seen it, but I love, love, love John Waters in all his tacky glory!

Steve said...

I've always loved that movie, too.

maddie said...

I've been dying to see that musical - along with many others - I am a total musical theater fanatic. Anything on stage really. The thrill of a live show and the music gets me everytime. Maybe Hairspray will come to Philly sometime.

I tried to get tickets to a play with Julia Roberts, Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper and it was next to impossible, unless you want to pay 300 a ticket and give up your firstborn, and then you are only in the last row of the balcony.

savante said...

Hey, I saw that too!


Michael said...

Andrew, you'd love it. Good, good. Mui tacky.

Steve, I've never seen the movie! Now I must.

Maddie, since you're my musical theater sister, I looked it up for you. "Hairspray" was JUST in Philly in Aug.-Sept. You missed it! I've got a good one coming up. "Wicked" is in Cincy in April. I wanna get back to New York for "Dog Sees God". No, not ONLY because Ian Somerhalder is in it, but that's a big part of it.
While there, I'd probably have to catch "Naked Boys Singing", too. Right?

Did you like it, Paul?