Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stick with me baby, I’m the guy that you came in with

Ready or not, here comes another movie review. I saw a couple good ones last weekend, and I need to share. The first is Mrs. Henderson Presents. The movie stars Judi Dench and me loves her, so it's hard to go wrong. She's such an old terrier isn't she? Grrrr. She's Mrs. Henderson, a monied and titled widow who puts on shows to entertain the troops around the time that England is preparing for WW2. Judi does a bang-up job, per usual, and that would be enough, but hows about I add your favorite Pop Idol and mine, Mr. Will Young, to the mix?And he sings in it. He's a bit twinky and he sings falsetto, but damned if I seem to care. P.S.? Love his website. Cheeky. Bob Hoskins is good in his role as Judi's workplace/romantic foil. There is a particular scene with Bob, though, that I feel should come with some kind of warning label/disclaimer. It's not for the queasy, yo. Anyway, today I'm comparing movies to desserts, and this movie is a meringue cookie. Tasty, light, crunchy, enjoyable (no matter what Max says). Why desserts? Abs by Purim, remember? It's as close as I'm getting to them.The other movie I checked out was Woody's Match Point. Loved. This. Movie. I recommend it without reservation. So much goodness. It's been mentioned by many critics that Woody is back on form. This didn't even feel like a Woody film to me. Take that for what you will. Don't actors say something like 'it has to be on the page' when talking about making a movie? This was written and plotted so well. I thought I knew where it was going, but often didn't. There were two or three moments in the movie where I was all, "Oh, shit. Hell no!" In how many movies do you get to say that? Jonathan Rhys-Myers stars. He's had all the gays atwitter for a while now.That's a textbook gay face, no? A bit young, but he is incredible pretty, and the boy has the serious acting chops. His performance could carry this film, but the rest of the cast is equally good. Jonathan plays a former tennis pro who's been reduced to giving club lessons. Scarlett Johannsen is a struggling American actress. Both of them manage to insinuate themselves into an uber-wealthy English family and then the fun begins. It's a great movie when you are still thinking about it a week later, turning questions posed by the film over and over in your mind, right? How much of life is hard work and how much of it is luck? Do we make our own futures or are we subject to chance? Questions like that. I'm also wondering about the rooting interest I felt for some of these bad people doing wicked things. What does it say about me that I was hoping for them to get away with it? Kind of disturbing to realize. I haven't said much about the actual DOIN's in the movie for fear of spoiling things. DYING to talk to someone about this. Oh yeah, dessert rating. This is a tiramisu. Multi-layered and so gooey rich it sticks in your mouth for hours.


Bodhi said...

My ex-wife's favourite desert was tiramisu. As far as I am aware, its probably still her favourite.

Even despite the alcohol content which means I don't have it these days, it was never something that I would describe as all that great. I mean it was nice and all, but its not what I would call exciting. Usually, it was more often than not the young and cute Italian waiters who served it up to us that secretly got me going.

Now thats a desert.

Anyhoo ...

Ciao Bello :-)

Bodhi said...

so gooey rich it sticks in your mouth for hours.

One can only hope ;-)

Michael said...

I'm not a lover of the tiramisu either, but what with the layers and all, I thought it worked. Otherwise, when in Rome, find me at the corner gelato stop.

Mmmmm, Italian guys are hot. And they wear good shoes.

Bodhi said...

Gelato? Now your talking!

Sweetie darling sweetie, need I remind you that you don't need to go to Rome to get some good gelato. There are plenty of fine Gelato cafe's right here in Sydney, complete with cute Italian's.

There are at least three of them that I am aware of in Newtown alone. As a furter aside, one has the amusing name of Dolce & Gelato. Isn't that cute?

And Newtown is only a few mere suburbs away from Leichardt, the veritable Little Italy of Sydney.

Maaaaaaate, its all here.

Bodhi said...

PS. That photo of Will Young in this post ...


Michael said...

I love Will Young. He's unabashed.

OK, has anyone else seen Match Point? Go!

The Other Andrew said...

Do you get the UK chat show "Parkinson" over there? Will Young was on the other night, with the two boys from "Little Britain". The straight one from "Little Britain" was flirting outrageously with Will Young, including requesting a kiss on the lips instead of a handshake, having Will Young sit on his lap (Will's idea) and then dancing cheek to cheek at the end over the closing music. Very funny.

I'd like to see that on Oprah!