Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hush, the neighbors hear you moanin' and groanin'

It's Fat Tuesday here, traditionally marked by wanton revelry prior to the restraint and denial of Lent. Jimjams on, I've settled in with a spinach and avocado salad paired with a clever shiraz from Southeastern Australia. I'll read the paper and then watch The Amazing Race. Maybe I'll ogle some Phil. I know what you're thinking. "Woah, slow down there, Caligula." It's true. My debauchery knows no bounds.


The Other Andrew said...

"My debauchery knows no bounds."

I find that oddly encouraging.

Tomorrow night is TAR night here in Oz. The big questions; who do we love/hate?, who's gay/not gay/insufferable righteously Christian?, will there be a chunky turtleneck? and will Phil be rocking the "check out how big this thing is" pants like he often does? Let's not forget the important, will he make the right fashion choise to downplay the 'pear' issue?

So much to be excited about.

PS: What wine was it? I used to be really into wine before I gave up drinking.

freakgirl said...

For dinner tonight, we had buffalo chicken and Canadian beer.

Oh, we are KLASSY.

Michael said...

With a capital K, freakgirl. I take it the Buffalo wasn't in wing form? I might like that. It's practically anti-American, but I'm not a wings fan.

Andrew, I'm even more excited knowing you're getting the same Race simulcast. I snagged that shot of Phil from the CBS promo. Suede with contrast stitching...rockin' the earth tones....beside myself! The wine is just the Yellowtail from Trader Joes. I like it. http://tinyurl.com/nq8nw

The Other Andrew said...

I heart an autumnal Phil. If only he had a yellow lab by his side, then I'd be in some sort of swoon.

I remember seeing a profile of the Casella family once, the owners of [yellowtail]. Very savvy entrepreneurial family. [Yellowtail] was their export only brand, it wasn't until 2003 that they released it locally.

freakgirl said...

Michael, I just took some breaded chicken tenders from the freezer and baked them w/some buffalo sauce. Add some chips and a whole-wheat roll and you're done. I did not feel like cooking last night.

I love Yellowtail.

Bodhi said...

My debauchery knows no bounds.

And that, without any doubt in my mind, would have to the most romantic and truly beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life.

I knew there was a reason why I loved you so.


AND sweetie darling sweetie, speaking of debauchery, you might be interested to know that I recently undertook a personal vow of Brahmacarya for an undetermined period of time. Brahmacarya, for those of you so puzzled, means a vow of celibacy. And I mean complete celibacy here people, not even any whacking off. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

You can all pick yourself up from the floor now.

And before you ask, yes I have done this practise before. Quite a number of times actually. Usually anywhere from 30 days up to my personal record of around 120 days (take that, Josh Harnett, you Forty Days and Forty Nights heterosexual wimp!)

It's actually quite an enlightening practise, I must say. A lesson in true renunciation. It's not so much about denying oneself, but indeed liberating oneself (hmmm, unfortunate choice of words - giggle) and enjoying the freedom that comes from living a simpler life with lesser craving. And I can use all the energy and time I used to spend in ultimately getting off, into other more useful and skilful persuits.

That said, Brad help the first guy I get hold of when I decide to end this little adventure ...

Michael said...

Dude. Dude. Dude. I could not have been more surprised had the Pips just flown out my ass. I'm plotzing. What next? Homer gives up donuts? Tammy Faye swears of mascara? Ummm...errrr.....I stop touching myself? Well, I know that's the point, but I couldn't think of anything more unlikely. As for the no sex part, I could do 120 days with my eyes closed. But no entertaining the Cubans? I could do maybe 120 hours. ::does math in his head:: OK, 120 minutes. ......I may have gone two days once. May. Keep me posted man. Meanwhile I'm gonna log onto this site which purports to show amateur muscular frat boys exploring themselves and one another.

Michael said...

Freakgirl, if you're still around here, I think when you give that recipe out, you should add "voile" somewhere in there. With a hand flourish.

The Other Andrew said...

I think Bodhi should end his fast with a "voila" and a hand flourish too, quite frankly.

I'm just hoping he isn't like a smoker going through withdrawal. Cranky. Motivated by kindness I offered to confiscate and 'look after' his porn collection for the duration, which oddly he declined.

(BTW. Not that I'm a spruiker for porn, but check out the review site "All Bad Boys" some time - most definately NSFW! It's an eye opener.)

Michael said...

I think Bodhi should end his fast with a "voila" and a hand flourish too, quite frankly.

You crack me up.

Spruiker? You were the one who turned me on to Men At Play, you dirty bird, you.

Bodhi said...

Andrew, sweetness, would it help to to know that my entire porn collection is on VHS tape? Well, it is.

I simply haven't felt the need to update the collection to DVD. I don't even watch it that often to be perfectly honest with you. When one is more often that not participating, one does not so much need the viewing. Most times I have watched it of late, it has been with others, actually. Like my 3+ hour fuckfest with 20 year old Tim. But I digress ... ;-)

Now, you don't have a VHS tape player, huh? And the idea of letting you watch my porn collection in my room (I have a combined DVD/VCR machine) when I'm not around, frankly, freaks me out.


The Other Andrew said...

I do so have a vcr, it works just fine with pre-recorded tapes but the sound recording function is shot at present. Playback is fine.

Watch porn IN YOUR ROOM, whoever said that?! Ewww, just, EWWWWW. (For a start, when was the last time those sheets got a wash? I'm just sayin'...)

Bodhi said...

Ahhh, well there ya go. I thought you did not currently have a working VCR player, and hence my disturbing assumption.

I will have you know I washed those sheets back in ... ummmm ... what month is it now? Just kidding. Kidding. I last washed them a little over a week ago, actually.

Well, maybe if I am filled with dana (generosity) I might be able to temporarily part with my collection. Seeing as though I am personally beyond that kind of thing at present.

But then again, I would really not want to contribute to your own obvious craving and suffering either. My compassion indeed knows no bounds. Being the good little Buddhist that I am.

*Smiles sweetly*

Sooo ...quite the moral dilema then, huh?

The Other Andrew said...

"Spruiker? You were the one who turned me on to Men At Play, you dirty bird, you."

You're welcome! I found it by accident one day, I swear... sort of.

"But then again, I would really not want to contribute to your own obvious craving and suffering either. My compassion indeed knows no bounds. Being the good little Buddhist that I am."

So giving. :-)

Michael said...

Question. So if I were to just give the Cubans a bit of a workout, a little shuffle and yank, would that violate the letter or the spirit of a Brahmacarya?

I trust someone will stop me if I get sacrilicious (holla, Homer!).

Bodhi said...

If one were merely moving one's Cubans for the sake of comfort, for example, than that would be OK. But to shuffle and yank for any (however brief) sexual or sensual pleasure would indeed be violating the spirit of Brahmacarya.