Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Don't try to tell me what to do

They're at it again. Now it's gay adoption that they'll be using to manipulate their clueless minions. There are drives in 16 states to ban adoption into gay households. It's a big issue here in Ohio already. Yeah, that's right, Ohio which has a key governor's race going on. How stupid do they think we are? Just stupid enough. I think they have a fairly accurate finger on that pulse. Faggots are pretty much the only minority they can safely trample, so they use us as their scare tactic. So much of politics, in the Republican party especially, let's face it, has become an exercise in cultivating fear. The OTHERS are evil. It would almost be more palatable to me if I thought they were genuinely concerned about kids, but I'm not even giving them that much credit. It's a ploy to grab more power. If we are talking about protecting kids, I see Exhibit A through fucking Z every damn day of heterosexual parents who have no business raising kids. What are we gonna do about that?

And to the lady who just tried to tell me how to run my own fucking business: AFTER I try to tell you how to manage your hypochondriac-badshoewearing-donothingbutshopandandgetyournailsdone life, THEN you can give me advice on how I should run mine. Not before. PS. Stirrup pants? Seriously? Oh, and your roots need done. 3 weeks ago. Bitch.


Jen said...

I'm so angry I can barely even discuss it anymore. Any modicum of civility that I used to possess has been incinerated by the white hot rage. The Republicans are pure evil, and the so-called "moderate/centrist Dems" who keep telling us to STFU about our civil rights so they can impose their own brand of corporatocracy are just a different flavor of bigoted asshole. They are all cordially invited to tongue-kiss my lesbionic ass.

And hey, if you guys are lucky, I'll come back later today after my tooth-extraction and let the Percocet peel back my filters so I can tell you how I really feel. ;p

maddie said...

I got so angry reading your post, and wanted to comment on it as jen did, but I can't even find the words to describe what I'm thinking. What is WRONG with these people??? I am so sick of these right wing crazies that run our country - all of the kids that need good homes - denying adoption or taking away kids that are with gay parents JUST because they are gay - even though the kids are happy and safe and loved - when they are so lucky to have found a loving family - and then they have the nerve to define what a family is or isn't - kiss my ass. They aren't thinking of the kids at all - like you said, there are plenty of examples of heterosexual parents that have children who definitely shouldn't. God, this makes me furious.

freakgirl said...

Jen said, "They are all cordially invited to tongue-kiss my lesbionic ass."

After that awesome rant, I sort of WANT TO.

The Other Andrew said...

I worked in a Child Protection agency a few years back. Let me tell you if you were a person who jumped to easy conclusions, or formed prejudices based on a few bad examples, well then you would look at the endless parade of parents determined to ruin their kid's childhoods and scar them for life and put your foot down and say that heterosexuals are NOT allowed to breed. I saw things that still haunt me to this day, and those families had one female Mommy + one male Daddy, which does NOT always = Happy Family. The hoops two people of the same gender have to jump through to become parents means that you have two individuals highly motivated to become parents.

That pic of the two daddies and their kids is beautifull. (Where's it from Mikey, are they a couple?)

Michael said...

Hmmm...jen unfiltered....colour me intrigued. It's maddening. It makes absolutely no sense. It's unadulterated hate-mongering, prejudice and infringement of basic civil and HUMAN rights. I understand the zeitgeist of Ohio. I speak to more than a hundred of its citizens each week. Know that it WILL WORK here. I keep praying that eventually the country will become fed up. Even the conservatives/Republicans should be able to see this is fucked up. May a groundswell start somewhere. It won't be here.

Maddie, it's strange isn't it? You're speechless because it's just so foreign to the way you think that you can't wrap your brain around it fully. Have I ever mentioned that it's very comforting to hear from straight people who get it, though?

freakgirl, sort of? You can say it. ;-) Hell, she gives me the RP's all the time.

Andrew, it's no secret how many hetero families completely fuck their kids up, right? Never mind that this whole "kids are better off in a family with a father and a mother" is so much bullshit. Next time someone says that, have them cite the study. Watch them stammer. Yeah, that is a family in the picture. I'm racking my brain to remember where it's from, but I know there was a newsprint article about them.

J.Go said...

I've started and restarted at least three times now, and can't really get my thoughts out. So, I'll just leave it at this: I hate the haters. There are so many children who need loving and safe families. Nothing else should matter. Hate shouldn't shortchange their future.

The Other Andrew said...

Well said J.Go

Michael said...

It's hate and GREED for power, Johnny. Political greed. Disgusting. I totally get the loss for words.

Andrew, back off my boyfriend.

The Other Andrew said...

Ok, but there goes your chance to be Lucky Pierre, is all I'm saying.