Tuesday, February 21, 2006

But sometimes don't you just crave to disappear within your mind?

Some detritus (now with MORE flotsam!) from the stagnant pool that is my mind:
  • Wasn't So Long, Farewell just begging to be remixed? Being a showtune fag, I say, "Yes, sir!" link via towleroad
  • I wanna share a snippet from the book I'm reading, The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore: Mavis was always in the Christmas spirit, right down to the Christmas-tree earrings that she wore year-round to give her that "new-car smell." A sheaf of mistletoe the size of a moose head hung over the order station at her bar, and throughout the season, any unsuspecting drunk who leaned too far over the bar to shout his order into one of Mavis's hearing aids would find that beyond the fluttering black nylon whips of her mascara-plastered pseudo lashes, behind the mole with the hair and the palette knife-applied cakes of Red Seduction lipstick, past the Tareyton 100s breath and the clacking dentures, Mavis still had some respectable tongue action in her. One guy, breathless and staggering toward the door, claimed that she had tongued his medulla oblongata and stimulated visions of being choked in Death's dark closet--which Mavis took as a compliment. If you like that, pick up this book or for even better Moore, get Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.
  • I understand why people are comforted by the concept of an omnipotent god, but me, I'd rather take my chances with hard work and blind luck. That's more comforting to me than thinking god might want me to die tomorrow and there's nothing I can do. I've been thinking about luck a lot since seeing Match Point over the weekend (review to come...can you hardly wait?!).
  • Twice today I've said "If you can't fix it, you gotta stand it" to people. Is that trite already? Anyway, there was no recognition. None. Do you see why I'm always hanging with you people online? There's a desolation 'round these parts, and it's cultural. Well, except for Diana's dresses stopping at the DAI. That is culture, isn't it?
  • >
  • Every day, I struggle with myself over buying one of these. It'd be engraved with "No day but today" Rent-stizz. Speaking of that, Rent is out on DVD today. The 2-disc special edition should be on its way to Casa ME shortly.
  • Let's see. Musicals? Check. Princess Diana? Check. Conspicuous consumption? Check. Yeah. This post is officially gay enough.


freakgirl said...

I have The Stupidest Angel on my bookshelf. Meant to read it during the holidays and never got around to it. Perhaps now I'll finally pick it up!

Steve said...

Gay! By the way, I'm no longer one of the cool kids because I have an older iPod. (But I do have a Razr, bitches.) Anyway, when I was at the mall this past weekend, I was *this* close to buying a Nano.

Michael Guy said...

I do not own a Razr but I have the NANO and it's changed my life. I can now listen to music while abusing myself.

Beyond that tripe: Where's the Diana pic from? Althorp's permanent collection or is this the traveling show?

Will pick up book; "Thanks" for the snippet.

Bodhi said...

Diana's dresses stopping at the DAI, huh?


Well, I can tell you that every impossible pop princess in Sydney, including moi and The Kid of course, has been to the Powerhouse Museum here in Sydney to see Kylie, An Exhition. Yes indeed, a collection of over 30 famous outfits worn by Australia's own gay pop icon Kylie Minogue.

You can check it out by visiting http://www.phm.gov.au/kylie/

I could be a label bitch and drop names like Dolce & Gabbana. Gaultier, McQueen, and Chanel, but of course I will refrain ;-)

I saw everything from the gold hotpants of her Spinning Around video, to that dress she wears in the Can't Get you Outta my Head clip. Even the pink vegas style showgirl outfit she wore on tour during Dancing Queen! Oh be still my beating gay heart, it was absolutely faaaaaabulous.

So many sequins. So many cute gay men ooohing and aaaahing. So cultured. It made me proud, proud I say, to be an Aussie.


Bodhi said...

PS. My little sister (two years younger than me), told me yesterday that she was a ..... lesbian.

Oh .. my ... Brad!

It seem's that I am indeed no longer the only Pink Sheep in the family. My ultra-conservative, upper middle-class, liberal-lovin, Howard-Voting, Catholic parents are going to have a fit.



Michael said...

freakgirl, it's probably a good two day read, but I've only been picking it up on "breaks" (ahem), so I've been reading it for a few weeks. I can't remember if you've read "Lamb". That's his best stuff, I think.

Steve, here's my dilemma. I have a newish iPod (30G) that my friends gave me last year for my birthday. I also have a Creative Zen Micro for the gym. It works fine. Problem is the two aren't compatible since the iTunes songs don't play on the Zen. Ahhh...my life is mui complicated, no? LOVE the RAZR. And the PEBL. Oh, and the SLVR. I'm a gadget mo. There was a study done showing 40% of homos own early adopter electronics compared to less than 20% of the general pop.

MG, those sport straps are handy for the self-abuse soundtrack. Then there's streaming laptop porn. Wait, are we talking about the same thing? I believe the picture is from the traveling exhibit, but I'm not sure. So Althorp has the permanent exhibit? It was 4 or 5 years ago when I looked at her dresses at Kensington Palace. I might have to scout out the exhibit for you this weekend.

bodhi, yet another reason I HAVE to get Down Under, although I'm only recently on board the Kylie bandwagon, thanks to Max. So baby sis likes the sisters. Groovy. Were you shocked?

Bodhi said...

PPS. Was watching the ice skating at the Winter Olympics last night on TV with TOA and suddenly ... I saw him.

Maxim Staviyski


Oh ... my ..... Brad! This is a man who should have earned bonus points from the judges just for being so cute and having such truly fabulous hair.

And he's Bulgarian. I drooled after the character Victor, played by Bulgarian beauty Stanislav Lanevski, in the latest Harry Potter and the Bulgarian Bulge. In the scene where the Bulgarian team makes there entrance in that movie, I whispered to The Kid, 'is it wrong to want to do the whole team?'

And now theres Maxim, sweet, all so beautiful, sequin wearing, blonde hair flowing, muscled eastern-bloc hotness Maxim ...


Thats it, Bulgaria is now on my must visit list.

Bodhi said...

Were you shocked?.

No, not really. I mean, I have for quite some time suspected that maybe, just maybe, she might be ... well ... you know.

But having said that, I would not have been surprised either way, if I can put it that way.

Kylie Minogue is GOD. LOVE HER! May even have to start a new religion, might call it Kylie Minogue and the Church of the Latter Day Homosexuals. I have seen her last three concert tours. I have tickets for her next (re-scheduled) concert, to be held later this year here in Sydney. Second row front! OH .. MY .. BRAD!!!

yaniboy said...

Have to say that one of the songs on my playlist for a while has been the punk version of So Long, Farewell by The Vandals... too freakin cool...

I'm downloading this other versions as we speak... all 8 MB of it... :/

maddie said...

Can't wait to hear your review of Match Point. I've read so many conflicting reviews - I'd like your opinion since it seems to go along with mine usually.

How can I not comment on Rent? :) I'm showing some unusual restraint - not buying the dvds until I can actually afford them - hopefully I can in a few weeks.

I saw the Pink Panther movie - not that impressed. Pretty funny, but the originals are better.

I just watched Cinderella Man on dvd last night - LOVED, if you haven't seen it, get it.

My rather conservative co-worker just saw Brokeback (and didn't want to see the "gay cowboy movie" really), and she loved it - saying "it's a love story, isn't it?" and thanking me for telling her to go. I wish more people got that, instead of just judging from afar.

freakgirl said...

The geekboy came home yesterday with the Rent DVDs for me, yay!

The Other Andrew said...

"Rent" is only just being released in cinemas here now, finally. Apparently it's still like 1952 here or something, we are that far behind.

yaniboy said...

C'mon Andrew... we do get SOME movies first... other than Australian ones... the Russian "vampire" movie "Night Watch" was out here the middle of last year, and America is only just getting it now...

Oh, and the dance version of So Long, Farewell... so NOT worth the effort to download it... yuck...

Michael said...

Maddie, I'll shorthand it for you then: LOVED IT! There may have been 'snaps' involved when I said that. Mo lata. Can you believe that bitch freakgirl got "RENT" before us?! A WHOLE DVD of extras! I'm GREEN. RE: Brokeback. I'm not suffering under the delusion that people will be radically changed by the movie, but it can only help, right? People, especially women I think, may be more sympathetic to the idea that LOVE IS LOVE after seeing it.

Freakgirl, I need a GB of my own.

Andrew, I loved it. Yeah, I know. You're plotzing. Did you see the play?

Yani, I get that So Long remixed is NOT for everyone. Yep.