Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I've got the music in me

So how many of you have read this story that's been circulating around the gay blogs? It's nasty and trashy and involving very queer activities by hot athletes. Riveting. It can't be true though, can it? I mean, seriously, a mobile phone? Awfully rectangular. Did someone at least hang on to the antenna? Well, I suppose if it was one of those new Motorola PEBL phones, then maybe. Of course I'd have to download a Robbie Williams ringtone first.


Curtis said...

You know, I would have never thought to try that. Could you just give me a quick call?

luscious loulou said...

These french rugby players are who I'm actually picturing.



And is this vibratin' phone thing not what everybody does? C'mon. It's natural to do this when you're bored, isn't it?

Michael said...

Curtis, sure I'll call you, but it won't be quick.

loulou, yes EXACTLY those guys. I'm sure it's all tabloid nonsense, but that won't stop me from scouring the gay web for the names/photos to be revealed. And yeah, I guess it is natural when you're bored. What else am I going to do with that extra Sonicare anyway?

The Other Andrew said...

I got an extra Sonicare too... the thought never crossed my mind, but thanks for sowing the idea! Three speeds!!

Michael said...

I was just talking about on the balls and whatnot, but who knows what tomorrow brings.

The Other Andrew said...

It even has a gentle cycle.

I wonder who the music personality who was involved with the two footballers is?

Michael said...

DYING to know. DYING! Is that so wrong? It MUST be Robbie. I know he says he straight and all, but is anyone really?

The Other Andrew said...

There has been speculation/wishful thinking about him FOREVER. It's a nice thought, isn't it?

Bodhi said...

Reminds me of a story. Last weekend that The Kid was over, Rabbit was tellin her that he didn't know if his mobile had a vibration ring mode. Handing it over, The Kid duly informed him that it did and activated it for him.

She said she would test it, and whilst she glanced away to dial him on her phone he duly put his mobile down his undies. It duly rang and vibrated.

'Oooooh, he said, call me again!'

'Thats just wrong, WRONG!', said The Kid, laughing.

You all don't care much, huh? We thought it was funny ...

Michael said...

I care. It's cute. Now my turn. I used to go on all guy ski trips with friends. All guy, not all gay. Just the one of those. Anyway, we had two trucks, but only some wanted to ski so the ski crew piled into one. My friend Steve was sitting on my lap, which made for some disharmonic intersection between pleasure and discomfort. I did not want to pop a boner into his impossibly perfect little ass while we were driving to the slopes. Then his beeper went off, vibrating on my tummy which was already feeling funny. Were the gods conspiring fer me or agin me? That's mine.

The Other Andrew said...

Cute story. Sounds like act one of a Falcon video. ;-)

Michael said...

Dude, yeah Falcon, but if you knew this guy it'd be more like Bel Ami twenty years hence. He's tiny and tight, beautiful curly hair, big tackle....he's a cardiologist...about 45 y.o. A fucking dream. He'd give fucking McDreamy a run for his money, in my eyes anyway. I had my hopes up there for a few minutes when he was between wives. Not so down with the gays, though. His new wife is. Love her. She holds no grudges even though her first husband turned out to be a 'mo.

duane said...

please oh please oh please let one of them be beckham. PLease!

luscious loulou said...

I got this from popbitch today....

"The beautiful game <<
Football: not glad to be gay

Why are we so obsessed with footballers'
sexuality? Everyone has been feverishly
speculating about the News of the World's
"gay footballer scandal". In reality,
it seems as if it was little more than
two drunk friends, who we're not going to
embarrass by naming, encouraged to mess
around with mobile phones up their arses
by their "mate" who was secretly filming them
to sell to the papers. The tabloid baulked
at the 500 grand asking price for the video,
and therefore reveal the player's identities,
but had enough info to run the story.

(FYI: The only footballer in Britain to come out
so far, Justin Fashanu, killed himself.)

(FYI2: This new form of phone sex has already taken off in London's gay scene. Bluetooth/phone-in-pants
club nights are already lined up.)"

Ronaldo Cristiano & Becks would have been nice I must admit. ::sigh:: Do a google image search, lazybones! Hah.