Sunday, February 05, 2006

I have no heat, I told you

We had about 5 inches of snow last night. It's still coming down and there is blowing and drifting. To add insult to injury, my furnace is out. I like to sleep in the cold, all snuggled up warm under a down comforter with some good sheets, but when I woke at 4A, it was because my nose was freezing. It's about 55F in here right now. Isn't that something like 14 for you metric bitches? So do you think I can find a plumber/heating guy to come out of Super Bowl Sunday? Not yet. I called the hot one first, or course, but I'm so fucking cold now that I'll settle for the chunky geriatric dude who smells like corn chips and feet. Or I'd even temporarily lift my No Thongs On Men embargo, if this guy would just get my pilot lit:
Meanwhile, who's gonna burrow under the covers with me?


freakgirl said...

Did anyone come out to help?

I would volunteer to snuggle with you, but I am a) a girl, and b) in possession of alarmingly cold fingers and toes.

Bodhi said...

Of course I will burrow under the covers with you sweetness. You know moi, I am a giver people. Always happy to lend a hand (or any other suitable body part or parts) and find ways to warm up a cute, oops, did I say cute?, I mean good, yes good, friend ;-)

Speaking of warming up. Guess who was the lucky boy last Friday then? Met him in the city at a cafe, and after hanging out (oh ok, and maybe some making out) a while together he came back to my place and stayed the night. Yaaaaay! His name is Tim, a blonde haired, blue-eyed, total hottie.

Oh, and he does law (what is it with me and lawyer types). Well, actually, in this case, when I say he does law what I actually mean is he is a 2nd year law student at Sydney University.

He's 20, OK bitches. Did I mention that we went at it for over three hours straight? Three hours! Ummmm, whats that? You heard me the first time? Oh I know, I just thought that was worth repeating.


Needless to say, after that we exchanged numbers and are definately seeing each other again ...

Michael said...

Freakgirl, I finally got someone to come out to fix the furnace. I just got back from the gym and I'll let you ain't fixed. It's out again. PS? What, are you crazy? Girls are great to snuggle with. You can fold yourself around them and they almost always smell good and they're soft....I'll admit I could do without alarmingly cold digits, though.

Bodhi, mazel tov, you bitch. I'm insanely jealous. Twenty? I've never had a 20 y.o. Well, guy. Right now I'd just like someone who had been 20.

So, Andrew, was he really ALL THAT? Throw me a bone over here.

Michael said...

Plus, sometimes you snuggle just because you're sleepy and cold and a girl won't start whining about wanting to put it in you.

The Other Andrew said...

Well, I didn't actually get to SEE said 20 year. By the time they surfaced I was already in bed. Ah, but the noise...

Actually in truth they were pretty quiet, and I was on the interweb with my headphones on and the new Kate Bush CD playing. What's wrong with this picture? Me and Kate and the interweb/Bodhi banging away with some 20 year old? I mean, really? Where's the equity in that?

Bodhi said...

I'm glad we seemed quite, I was trying to be as mindful as possible. Headphones is good, methinks.

Actually, we were watching porno's for the entire time that we were at it, so any of those sounds you did hear, might not have been us.

*Smiles sweetly*

Ummm ... I have a picture of him on my mobile phone :-)

Michael said...

Ummm ... I have a picture of him on my mobile phone :-)

You're such a tease online and such a whore (apparently) in life! I hate that. And I love that.

Andrew, how is the new Bush?
Bodhi, how is the new bush?

The Other Andrew said...

"Andrew, how is the new Bush?
Bodhi, how is the new bush?"

That's some of your best material, right there. I love you more than my shoes, you know that?

I like the new Bush cd, it's kooky (of course) and I need to listen to it a few more times without the background track of someone in the next room getting pounded into the mattress. (Hi Bodes!) At first I thought one of the backing singers was mouthing dirty, dirty, bossy commands. Apparently not.

Michael said...

It HAS gotten that bad, hasn't it? The more OBVIOUS it is and the more JUVENILE it is, the better.

You're stuff just makes me swell with happiness, though. From 'pounded into the mattress' to 'dirty, bossy commands'. Whee! Even for Kate Bush, it would be surprising to think she had sampled Tone Loc.

The Other Andrew said...

I was going to say "I heart juvenile" but then what the hell would that do to your Google searches? (Gee, glad I didn't, right?) But yeah, no material is too juvenile in my book.

You make me swell too, and that's just swell in my opinion.

Bodhi said...

Swelling with happiness, indeed ;-)

You're such a tease online and such a whore (apparently) in life! I hate that. And I love that.

Oooh Mikey, you say the sweetest things. And if I can channel Mae West here for a minute, let me just say that 'a good man is hard to find, but a hard man is good to find'.

Or maybe, in the immortal words of Jessica Rabbit, 'I'm not bad ... I'm just drawn that way'.

And you don't really expect me to the the type to kiss and tell do you? Do you really think so little of my ethical standards? What moral vacuum do you think I operate from? Do you think so little of me?

I am shocked, appalled even, that you could even think of me ever doing such a thing. I would never kiss and tell ...

Well, unless of course you were a tabloid journalist and were willing to pay me for the story. Hell, for a little extra moula, I might even throw in some pictures.

So, ummmmm, lets just say that the boy was very talented, and had impressive equipment. M'kay

(Hi TOA!)

freakgirl said...

Bodhi - Sooooo impressed!

Michael, stay warm. Don't worry, I'll wear slippers and I won't whine about wanting you to put it in. ;) I'm a married lady, of course. But I am soft - a little TOO soft lately. And I smell good, if you like the smell of newly-applied henna. Sort of like freshly-cut grass. Tres earthy.

Michael said...

Love the smell of a new-mown lawn. And henna? So is your hair fabu?

Heat is off and on. I lean toward the O.C. so I was up and down all night checking it. ::yawns and stretches::

freakgirl said...

The hair looks good. I have to say, the henna beats the hair salon every time. And it's so much cheaper! Yes, I have to hang out for 2 1/2 hours in my house wearing a shower cap, but that's the price we pay for beauty, I suppose.