Tuesday, February 14, 2006

She's chic, but she's not shady

I got this Valentine today from someone and I thought it was funny (like a monkey) so I thought I'd share it with all y'all.Ladies, should a pretty young man wearing a bright pink cowboy hat ever tell you that he wants you to be his valentine, he's not only lying to you, he's also lying to himself.Ditto this guy.

Oh, have I been there. I wasn't quite so light in my loafers and certainly didn't wear my heart on my sleeve literally or figuratively, but still, I never did fake it all that well, either. Denial! a round of denial for the house! On me!


Steve said...

Were those valentines really so gay?!? I remember the corny ones when I was a kid, but nothing like that! Happy Valentine's Day!

Bodhi said...

should a pretty young man wearing a bright pink cowboy hat ever tell you that he wants you to be his valentine


I should be so lucky.

freakgirl said...

The whole set is here:


Remember the Simpsons? I CHOO-CHOOSE YOU!

Michael said...

Steve, some of them are hilarious. I'd kill to see mine from grade school again. Check out freakgirl's link to see the rest.

Bodhi, you and me both, sister, you and me both.

FG--Thanks for the Valentine, Pumpkin. You were my one and only! Well, except for my Mom who sent me roses. How gay am I?

freakgirl said...

Your mom sent you roses? I love your mom. I got a call from mine yesterday that said, "I didn't send out valentines to anyfriggingone." "Me either. Except the girls. They got stickers." "Yeah." "Love you." "Love you too."

My boy sent me some tulips. Such a good guy.

Michael said...

He is a good guy. Yay, GB. Tulips are awesome to get this time of year. I used to send irises to a friend of mine every year around this time. Spring!

Yeah, I got roses and at work no less. She's so cute. And embarrassing. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that she works at a florist shop.

Bluebunny said...

sniff - I got nothing. The boyfriend works in the restaurant business, so he hates Valentine's Day and refuses to acknowledge it. Usually I can count on mom, but this year she is all about the grandson and the rest of us are sidenotes -sniff- woe is me -sniff- I am a very blue bunny

freakgirl said...

Aw, bluebunny! We love you!

Michael said...

bluebunny, I'm trying to muster sympathy for you but there's that whole 'you HAVE a boyfriend' thing standing in the way. ;-)