Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good love is when I'm feeling stoned in love

Mmmmm, is there anything better than when you discover something delicious that's been there all along? I've had XM radio in my car for over two years now. Of late, I haven't listened much, mostly suckling from the teat of my iTunes downloads. So I guess that's kinda orally aural, isn't it? Well, the other night I was driving home and started surfing through my XM presets. I had been marginally aware of U-Pop, but never realized what a savory nugget I'd been overlooking. On first tuning back in, it was an auspicious beginning: Sin, Sin, Sin by He To Whom I've Erected Many A Shrine (aka Robbie Williams). And then it never let up for 50 miles. Who else is loving Stoned In Love by Chicane/Tom Jones? Anyone hating it? I had my laptop tuned into U-Pop all morning for the Sunday paper and coffee ritual. Oh, and speaking of a newly discovered delicacy that's been there all along, if you're out there, thanks for chatting me up, darling. I can prolly pull my drawers back up now.


Bodhi said...

Well sweetie, I had yet another truly faaaabulous weekend of DVD purchases. My first purchase was the one that has me truly excited beyond description, I mean I don't even think its possible as far as DVD's go to find anything better (well, aside from His Brad-leyness releasing a gay porn DVD, but I am not gunna hold my breath for that one. Unfortunately).

Yes, thats right, I found a Best of Take That DVD. The boy band that Robbie was in back in the mid 90's before he went solo. I know. I know. Don't even bother asking me how many times I have already played that mutchfucka.

Damn, he was cute. Between Robbie and that little pocket-rocket fellow band member Mark, I was almost rendered speechless. I say almost because I couldn't quite refrain from squealing like a teenage girl at times. You know, like you do.

Oh, and I also bought a best of George Michael DVD. And the movies The Object of my Affection, Balls, Totally Fucked Up, Too Wong Foo and Iron Ladies.

Oh shut up, bitches, there is no such thing as 'too gay'.

Bodhi said...


Oh shut up, its Monday. Mkay. Muthafuckas.

Michael said...

Bodhi, vintage Take That sounds faboo. Did you hear they're getting back together? Sans Robbie, of course. We know he's still sinfully hot, but I wonder if time has been kind to the other boys. I'm not wild about The Object of My Affection, but I know that you LURV whatshisname.

Oh, and I'm totally gonna start saying "mutchfucka".

Bodhi said...

Re: whatshisname

Paul Rudd is quite cute as George, but its his eventual boyfriend of Paul, played by Amo Gulinello, that has my heart beating faster and feeling quite faint. What a cute hawtie!

And aside from some eye candy, I think its just a sweet film. The make me laugh make me cry Romantic comedies get me nearly every time. I know, who would have thunk?

Michael said...

...who would have thunk?

Not me. But I like it.

Bodhi said...

Yeah, beneath the appearance of this love-lasts-as-long-as-a-spurt-in-the-dark cynic lies the heart of a completely hopeless romantic.

Dont' tell anyone. It's just between us. M'kay?