Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No one's gonna love you like me

An overbearing mother and a distant father is the recipe for gay. That's so old school, right? Well, you wouldn't know it by me. Spot on. Still, I love, love, love my mother. So unusual to hear that from a big homo, right? Heh. Honestly, she is the sweetest thing. And she'd do anything for me. Anything. She's got the bodies in her crawlspace to prove it. So as a token of my appreciation, I threw together a little pretty for her front porch (dirty?). It looks like this:Also, although I don't generally cook and I never bake, I made her this straight from the kitchens of Freakgirl and Dole:What? Oh, hell no, I didn't actually make the shortcake. I got it here. But I did stir together all those (3) filling ingredients. And...errrr...washed the strawberries. Now that's love, right? The cake was delish, btw.

So today I got an email from her. I'm sharing it with you.
Hi Sweets,
Thanks for all the work you put in Sunday. I love the flowers and the angel food cake and you. Can Dad and I come in sometime to put out your patio furniture and grill, etc.?
Thanks again for the great Mother's Day. I still have a sick feeling on that day. I miss my mom so much even after all these years. She just was a nice lady and I miss talking to her. Mom and I went through so much together from the time I was a little girl.
Love you, Mom
See? Sweetest thing ever. Sounds a little disjointed, I know, but that's totally how she thinks. And talks. And she's right. Her mother was an angel straight from heaven who raised four girls on her own when her husband was always out partying. Never heard the first complaint from her. I miss her too, even though she could be a big pain in the ass sometimes. I said she never complained. I never said she didn't have a fucking laundry list of chores for me all summer long.


freakgirl said...

Is that a picture of the actual cake you made? Did you have some? You better have had some.

Love the planter.

Love your mom's email. It just choked me up. Waaah.

Michael said...

Some? I had about half. Check my FitDay, boss. So good. And of course that's not my cake. It's from the Dole site. Mine had MUCH more character. It ripped a bit when I was slicing it into thirds. And a rift developed. Strawberries sank into it. But it tasted great.

The planter's real, though. It looks straight from a magazine, too, right? ;-)

Sometimes I get on a roll of starting sentences with "and" and "but" and then just can't stop myself. Feels so naughty.

Mom is so sweet. She can be very sentimental, maudlin even. Inhabiting the same body though, is a person who will cut you off COLD if she perceives she's been wronged. Oh, and if you say something she doesn't want to hear, she doesn't. It's like it never happened.

freakgirl said...

Heh, you gotta take the good with the bad with a Mom. Like when my mother started telling me what happened on Grey's Anatomy immediately after me saying to her, "By the way, I haven't watched GA yet, so don't tell me anything." Sigh. :)

My cake didn't look like the picture, either. In fact, I also had a problem cutting it and ended up just slapping the filling on the sides as well to cover up my mess. Which made it much more attractive to the hungry masses crowded around it at the party.

Jen said...

I also love the planter. Your mom sounds like a doll.

E keeps raving to me about how much I am going to worship the Dorothy Lane market, and now knowing that you shop there, I might have to start believing her.

maddie said...

The planter is gorgeous! Whenever I try to do something like that, it usually looks bad, and then promptly dies.

Awesome looking cake, too. Yet another thing I am bad at. :)

Your mom sounds like the sweetest mom ever (besides my own of course)! What a cute email that was too.

Charlie said...

Awww, moms. Time to go call mine. Be back later. xo

savante said...

God the flowers are lovely!