Sunday, May 21, 2006

So thanks for the cheer

Will and Grace is over, y'all. I'm missing it already. C'mon! It was funny! And it was very, very gay. Even if there was barely any boys kissing or anything. Queer As Folk is gone. Six Feet Under is gone. It'll be months before Project Runway comes back. There's no good gay left on television! What's that? Well, yeah, there's Ryan Seacrest, but I said good gay.

What did you think of the finale? I thought it was very well done. Fitting end. Listen in as Karen suggests that Jack, if he stands to make millions, will take a few rides on that miniature pony, Beverly Leslie:

Jack: I can't do it!
Karen: Oh, you'll do it. You'll do it the same way any other self-respecting woman does: Get on your back, point your heels to Jesus, and think of handbags.

Word. I'd substitute "shoes" for "handbags", but otherwise.


Michael Guy said...

Can I just state for the record how very much I miss "Nate" from Six Feet Under? My Sunday evenings haven't been the same since. Le sigh.

Bodhi said...

I'm with ya Mikey, the glittering gay sparkle definately seems to be rapidly fading from the networks.

You know what? If it was good enough for the US to copy the concept of Queer as Folk from the UK, then I reckon its more than fair to cop another feel and let Australia have a go at it as well. I have a dream, people, and its damn faaabulous. I mean, Sydney is very much an international gayopolis. We have the studios, production, talent and certainly location. Just imagine it, following the lives and loves of a bunch of hot 20 or 30 something Aussie's living in Surry Hills or, even better, Newtown.

Queer as Oz.


OK, thats it, where my bloody PA*. Get the damn networks on the line bitch, I need to pitch.

[M'kay. Maybe I don't actually have a Personal Assistant. But he features very prominently in my dream. His name is Josh; 24, a blonde haired blue-eyed surfer, lives in Bondi. Looks damn fine in a suit ... takes a lot of dick ...tation]

Michael said...

MG, duly noted, though I only started watching SFU when it came out of DVD. I have the entire last season sitting on the shelf yet.

I totally agree, Bodhi. If anyone should have a P.A., he's you.

I feel confident that something good is just around the corner to fill our void.

maddie said...

I just watched the last episode again this weekend, so I'll repeat what I said in the Bobby post and add a few other observations.

I really liked the flash-ahead feature. I'm glad they didn't show the fight where Will found Grace with Leo again. This was much better, IMO. Friends grow apart, they get paired up and married and move away. I thought this was very realistic...I would have been disappointed if they just stayed together and didn't go after the men they loved.

A few high points:

- Karen walking in during Grace's dream, having not aged at all. Hee!
- Will's toupee falling off and him not "having time to REGLUE!"
- "Do you find them exhausting?" "Always have."
- Will and Vince having their own baby - it's what Will always wanted, and now he has Vince to share it with. I was watching an old episode last night, when Will got mad that Grace wasn't going to have the baby and instead go with Leo, and I was thinking that it's good that Grace said no.
- Grace's baby was the cutest thing EVER.
- Will and Vince's apartment changes - very subtley more manly. I loved the picture on the mantle!
- The awkwardness after W&G made up. So real...I think they really showed what growing up and moving on did to these characters.
- My favorite part, repeated again - Jack and Karen's song made me cry (even on second viewing!) Like Jen noticed, it was very much a Sean and Megan moment more than anything else. That also reminded me that Megan was a broadway musical actress, and that Sean is a trained classical pianist. The song choice and the way they sang it just made the episode for me.

Lastly, the scene where their kids meet was so great. I almost thought it was a flashback for a second. They certainly cast well for them!

I'll miss this show, but you can't escape the repeats, so that'll do.

Speaking of shows going off the air - ALIAS series finale tonight!

Michael said...

I agree with everything you said, Maddie. Surprised? I think the flashforward was done very well. I thought it was a flashback, too. The whole point of it, right? Even the bar scene at the end when Jack said, "Boring!" and Karen chimed in with "Too real!" kept it from being overly sentimental, which wasn't the tone of the show. Love, love, love. Missing them.

Oooh...and Alias is ending really well, too! Bringing everybody back for an encore is great. LOVE Sark (hey, future MEAT, maybe). It's directly opposite the 24 finale, so I'll have to TiVo Alias for later, since I'm recapping 24 on TMFT.

maddie said...

Surprise, surprise. You're thinking what I'm thinking? Never happens! NO! :) (can you tell I like the sarcasm?)

David Anders as Sark...MMMMMMM. Definite candidate for Meat Friday. As well as Mr. Vartan, if you're into that sexy, smoldering, french-speaking thing, as I am. I might have to faux-tivo Alias too, as my Yankees are playing the nasty Red Sox at the same time. I REALLY am going to miss Alias more than any other's been my #1 favorite for years.

maddie said...

Almost forgot - I know it's not on tv anymore, but the dvds are there - have you seen Oz? That might take the edge off of the gay shows leaving (and it's better than Ryan Seacrest) Plenty of good story, naked men, and Chris Meloni. How could you go wrong?

Michael said...

No, I have not seen any Oz! Do we love it?

I'm still working on QAF Season 2, then SFU Final Season....

maddie said...

Oh, we love it. I HIGHLY recommend. I was addicted to it when it was on HBO in it's last few seasons, and then rented all of the old seasons on dvd. It's a different kind of show.

Lost's Michael and Mr. Eko are in it, too! (in totally different roles)