Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This space between us, where wingless dreams fall earless

I did it, you guys. I knew I shouldn't, but I did it anyway. Even though I've been feeling a bit tired and swung out since returning from vacation, last night was another stirring episode of the beloved long-running series, Mike Insomniac. Over the years, I've come to realize that my best solution to sleeplessness is to go with the flow. Not fight it. Can't sleep? Don't then. Get up. Do quiet things. Start laundry. Pay bills. Go online to read about the joys, sorrows, tears and laughter of my peeps. But no, last night, when I couldn't sleep, when I had that vague feeling that is a peculiar melange of dread, sadness, fatigue and self-pity, I did the unthinkable. I busted open the shrinkwrap on my Brokeback Mountain DVD. Oh yeah. Just the pick-me-up prescription the doctor ordered. Why do I do these things? 3 a.m. self-flagellation, and not the good kind.


Maggie said...

Big hug.

Michael Guy said...

.: Dead man walking in Chicago at exactly the same time :.

I however chose to surf the web. Could somone over at Sean Cody speed it up a bit? I'd like a new set of photos everyday.

So...why so sleepless? Inquiring minds want to know.

Michael said...

::hugs Maggie back:: Thanks, sweets.

As for the whys and wherefores, MG, you've been around long enough to know I'm all fucked up, right? I'm guessing it's that, but who the hell knows. I go in streaks. I never sleep soundly, but satisfyingly enough for weeks at a time, then at least a week or so where I'm up every night. I GO to sleep, but can't stay asleep. We'll have to exchange instant messaging addies and just i-flirt at 2:00 am while we touch ourselves.

The Other Andrew said...

That was going to be my suggestion for you two boys. Great minnds, eh? :)

Michael said...

Yeah, it was our minds at the root of that, buddy.

I love that I found a picture of Becks sleeping for this post. God bless the internets.

Bodhi said...

If you visit the Museum of Contemporary Art ( here in Sydney, there is an exhibition from the London based artist Sam Taylor-Wood running till 21st May. It features photographic and video works from the the 1990's to the present with selected earlier pieces, all of which have a strong portraiture focus.

As part of this exhibition, and featured for the first time in Australia, is the film work David (2004), commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery, London, which features a sensual, sleeping David Beckham in the intimacy of his bed. The film in about 20 minutes in length, and its from this that your internet picture was originally sourced.

See, now thats Art. Yet another reason for you to visit Sydney, methinks sweetness.

Michael said...

I was wondering where that came from. Thanks, B.

And yeah, ART is why I'll visit. No. Seriously.