Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Look at me, what am I supposed to be?

Since reading Maggie's post, I've been thinking about accepting compliments. I received a very complimentary email the other day from one of my vacation buddies. She's the wife of an old friend. Love, love, love her. So fun. We did a nice trail run together one day and had a whole afternoon of girl talk after. I've only known her a few years, but it feels like forever. You know people like that? Almost from the moment you see them, they stand out in TECHNICOLOR from the sepia crowd. So, I'm sharing her email because I'm standing in my truth AND it's a little shout out to one of my favorite blogsphere people, who early on so aptly tagged me as a shameless self-promoter.

Hi You,
I had a nice weekend with you all. It is always so much fun hanging out with you. I wish we lived closer. You are so much fun and a really good friend. I hope you know what an amazing person you are. It is a crime that you haven't been snatched up by a great girl (?!). Or, you could be the smartest one of us all by being single. I know you don't see all of your great qualities like the rest of us do. Smart, funny, gorgeous, a great friend, sophisticated, loyal, hardworking....seriously. This list could go on and on. I will gladly give you more if you want to know...I really think you are a catch... All of the women in the family do. I hope you do, too. Anyway, I can't sleep and was thinking about you so have a great day. I am going to take new pictures of the boy this weekend so when I get something really cute I will send it to you. Stay in touch...N

Isn't she the sweetest thing? Parenthetical added my moi, of course. Change a noun here, a pronoun there, and I can't think of a nicer thing to wake up to. Well, maybe being awakened by a snuggle alarm.


Michael Guy said...

When did the shameless self-promotion sign-up sheet go round? I missed my turn! "...smart, funny, gorgeous, a great friend"...? Just when does my picture get yours? Stand in your truth bitch. Sorry. It's the McPhrase of the day...maybe t-shirts ala Cafe Press?

Michael Guy said...

Okay. That reads as bitchy. I am not bitchy. I think it's great you are "...smart, funny, gorgeous, a great friend..." Honest. No kidding. Pet my kitten, mister?

Michael said...

MGNot bitchy at all. I wouldn't have posted that except that I only believe about half of those adjectives describe me. Fivehead, remember? As for the t-shirt, I believe that Iyanla Vanzant might have something to say about me using her phrase-age. Well, freakgirl added the "bitch" part, which does make it immeasurably better, but otherwise it's IV's.

Maggie said...

I like your button! Sometimes I think there should be kindergarten for adults so we can be praised for the little things and get to wear big stickers that say, "I dressed myself today!" or "I am good at colouring!" or "I didn't project my insecurities onto my husband in an angry way today!"

I think the email is wonderful.

Speaking of fivehead, I have a threehead. I feel my hairline is a teeny bit too low and it gives me a neanderthal appearance. Well, I don't REALLY believe that, but I have often wished my hairline were a big higher. My forehead is pretty small. :D

freakgirl said...

For the record, I have spent a lot of time with Maggie and she in no way resembles a neanderthal. Her hairline is fine. I am making her a sticker right now that says just that.

Michael said...

I didn't project my insecurities onto my husband in an angry way today! Now that button would be on instant back-order, right? The email was wonderful to get. She's a sweet, sweet girl who has really bonded to me. Not completely sure why, but her first husband turned out to be gay, so there's that. We do have fun together. Laugh and laugh. Like I imagine I'd have with y'all. As for your 3-head, Maggie, love ya, but mine is not a hairline issue. Mine is a massive head issue. The receding hairline will only exacerbate the problem over time. But, so it goes. You can't have everything so I guess I'll should be glad I got the monster cock.

Freakgirl, I've seen her. She's lovely. The only thing neanderthal about her is that I'd like to club her and drag her back to my cave.

Maggie said...

You guys. It's not like I cry at night because I think I look like Luis Guzman, but thanks. :D I'm pleased you disagree.

"You can't have everything so I guess I'll should be glad I got the monster cock."

Well, I'm glad someone is getting it.