Friday, May 26, 2006

When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio

Lately I've been starting the meat posts by saying, "Have I done him before?". Well this time I actually checked, and I haven't. Dudes, I'm plotzing because this guy is my husband. Seriously, I loves me some Hugh Jackman. Don't nobody better say anything bad about Hugh Jackman. {{So, do you think he's a big ol' bearded flamer like they say?}}In my mind, he can do no wrong. He's huge and he's kinda hairy and he's got that accent and he's charming and he even made fucking Kate and Leopold watchable, people. That's a powerful gift. And although I didn't see the show, only clips, when he danced and preened and pranced across the stage as Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz, he stole my heart for good. He needs no adornments, he just gets better with age, but I probably would drizzle him with a little extra virgin olive oil and maybe add a pinch of kosher salt. It's FRIDAY and he's the MEAT, y'all. And he's my boo.I hope to catch him in X-Men 3 this weekend. Thought I'd go today, but events have conspired against me. Oh well, a gay subtext underscores every word out of my mouth in real life, I guess I can wait one more day to for a like-minded cinematic experience.


maddie said...

That first picture does not look like Hugh Jackman. Wow.

The guy certainly loves his musical theater. Did you see him host the Tony's? Lordy. Do you think he is gay, and his wife is just a beard, a la Nicole Kidman?

Michael said...

Yeah, I did see him host. He was the reason I tuned in. Gay or straight? I don't know what he is, except my PIPEDREAM of course. That first pic makes you swallow hard, doesn't it? As does the second, actually.

Michael said...

P.S. Thanks, Maddie, for the words of support yesterday. I'm a lil' embarrassed by the public meltdown now.

Thanks to everybody else, too. It's a new day, a new life, and after such a downer, there's nothing more uplifting than Mr. Jackman.

maddie said...

No problem! Everyone has to vent frustrations and problems every once in a while, we've all been there in one way or another, and it's nice to get an outside perspective on things. You'll figure it out.

Mr. Jackman certainly is making this boring-as-hell Friday afternoon more enjoyable.

I can't wait to see X-Men. Rogue, Wolverine, Mystique, Angel, so excited! I get frustrated during summer movie time though, too many movies, way too little time to see them all. I'm already behind with The DaVinci Code. Before I know it, the 20 other movies I want to see this summer will be out. [Hello, Superman Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean, to name a few]

freakgirl said...

There is very little Angel in the film, which made freakgirl sad. However, we do get some McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy. Delicious.

The gay subtext in this one is so obvious that I almost cried. It's very sad when you look at the plotline from that perspective.

And, as I've said to everyone on my blog, stay after the credits for something interesting.

Michael Guy said...

YOWSAH! He's the meat in MY Friday sandwich! That first photo is enough to leave home for. Yep.

The Other Andrew said...

Honey, sadly I'd say 'not gay'. He's been around on Aussie media for a long time and he comes across as a nice guy, a nice guy who loves his wife, a nice guy who's been around theatre for a long time and is comfortable with the queens. A nothing to prove kind of guy. Funny. Sweet. Smart.

He's teh hotness though, 'aint?

Saw the film last night, with my boo. Given that I blogged a whole post like a year ago about how much Ben Foster (and his bro) were on my "Hit List" then I was very much looking forward to the angel stizz. HOT. Have you SEEN that boy when he has the wings on? Oh, and when he spreads 'em....

Sweetie, get mama the smelling salts.

Not enough air time though. Oh and there's Colossus...

PS. Sorry I missed the meltdown. I'd have been around to pat your elbow, then give you a hug with inappropriate touching if I'd known, I'm a giver. Glad to hear you're brighter today.

Bodhi said...

..De Janeiro, my-oh-me-oh
I go wild and then I have to do the Samba
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With a passionate persuasion for dancin'
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And my feet follow the beatin' of my hear-eart

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Ummm, why is everyone looking at me like that?
Mmmmmmm'kay ...
[Gently putting down maracas and backing away]

xiaoxia said...

Hugh Jackson is SEXY AS HELL! I hated those awful sideburns he had to have in X3, but him wearing a wifebeater totally made up for it.

And Mr. Engle, have you done Colin Firth as part of your Meat segment? He is so dreamy!