Friday, May 19, 2006

When the stars make you drool like a pasta fagiole

Oh, I know what'll make me feel better. It's Haircut Day! If you're wondering why we're not synched up anymore, I've gone to three week intervals. Nothing to do with the coiffure, the change was purely for psychological reasons. Oh, and meat. Meat will make me feel better. We must find solace where we can, people. There's no one more deserving of the Friday honors than this big, juicy meatball:It's Friday. He's Bobby Cannavale. Forks up. Mmmmm, now that's a meal, right? And you're not finished until you've sopped up every last drop with a biscuit. If you watched the Will and Grace finale last night, you know that Bobby's character, Vince, figured prominently. I know a lot of you abandoned that show years ago, but I'll miss it dearly. Even though it's waned recently, they still managed to fire off a few lines every episode that had me chortling. Or at least barking a "Ha!". Anyway, as if Bobby's looks are not enough (and they are...they so totally are), he's also played fetchingly gay on a number of occasions. I'm easily, pathetically charmed by that. Oh, and he's had at least two roles in uniform, paramedic and cop. You know, just a lil' FYI because I hear there are those who find that interesting and I'm here for you.


maddie said...

Nice choice! I saw W&G last night - I thought it was a really clever way to go out, with the future being shown. Loved the dream Grace had in the beginning, loved that Will and Vince had a baby of their own, loved the ending. Jack and Karen's song made me cry. I've stuck with that show, from beginning to end - I'm pretty loyal when it comes to tv shows I love.

As for Bobby, I loved him in The Station Agent (great overlooked film) as Joe who ran the coffee cart, and also, OZ, as Torquemada. (I love Oz) He's very much what I look for in a man, tall and dark hair. Mmm.

Jen said...

I loved Jack & Karen singing, too, Maddie -- for me, it felt like they stepped out of their roles and it was really Sean & Megan singing, then back to Jack & Karen with the final belly-bop, which I adored.

maddie said...

I felt the same way, Jen. It was like a little moment just for themselves for the last time. I think that's why it was so touching.

I loved that I thought they were going to hug and then they did the Jack/Karen belly touch. So cute.

Michael said...

You guys are right. That was Sean and Megan. I knew she has a background in musical theater, but her was surprised how pretty her voice was. I was gonna post separately about the Will and Grace finale, but I agree that it was a fitting ending. I loved that everyone found their own version of family. And the scene with the kids when it seems like it's a flashback....I enjoyed that, too. I was just discussing it with my hairdude, Alan, and he said he was thinking, "Boy, they made College Will way too hot!"