Friday, May 05, 2006

Good morning Starshine

So, I'll be manscaping today. Right now I'm leaning toward trimming up the chest hair a bit, and then just leaving a treasure trail down to my, well, treasure. You know, just really clear the decks for the journey down. Thoughts? Suggestions? The Cubans, of course, will be bald because it's almost summer and do I look like a Philistine to you? This [flash video] is not my weapon of choice, but kudos to Philips for at least acknowledging what a certain segment of their consumer public, notorious for its supposed disposable income, will do with their product.

link via towleroad

ADDED: In one of my annual rites of spring, and as kind of a welcoming totem to Senor Summer, I've just hung my windchime out in the fresh air. It's clanking in the breeze right now as I type. Lovely.


Michael Guy said...

The last time I manscaped (with scissors) I nicked my dick and had to wrap toilet paper around my weiner for an hour. So not pretty. The chest hair is kept at a suitable grazing level. one sees this artistry but moi. Did you say 'brazilian' or 'cuban'? BTW....I just happened to think of a particularly sassy episode of Sex and The City.

Michael Guy said...

OOPs. I spelled 'wiener' incorrectly above. Spank me. You'd think by now...

Michael said...

Ouch. For future reference, I am skilled and experienced in field dressing. That reminds me of the oft-mentioned (here, anyway) line from Will and Grace when Grace begs out of something because she has a Belgian wax scheduled.
Will: What's a Belgian wax?
Grace: It's just a regular ol' wax, but it hurts so bad I treat myself to a waffle afterward.

FYI, in case you came to the show late, "the Cubans" are my nuts, Manny (l) and Esteban(r).

Also, I've never seen a single episode of Sex and the City. ::ducks::

Michael Guy said...

Oh?! Well, I did come to the show late! But you know us dress circle-types. Big on the entrances. So... "thanks" for the introduction to the Cubans. RE: Sex and The City: Go figure; some loved it/others hated it. It was an amusing half-hour on Sunday evenings. I am impressed with your field dressing skills, however. Now what do you know about snake bites? btw: sent you gmail.

freakgirl said...

I almost sent you that link yesterday but talked myself out of it because I didn't want you to think I only send you the GAY STUFF, i.e. the Anderson Cooper Vanity Fair picture. Ha!

maddie said...

No Sex and the City? I am shocked.

I love that quote from Will and Grace, btw.

The Other Andrew said...

Photos. What are we, mind readers?

Curtis said...

I'd like one of those shavers. I appreciate the smooth feel of my kiwis. Hey wait a moment!! I bet you could use that to trim your balls too!! I just thought of that - cool!

Michael said...

Curtis, I do love it when there is multi-tasking and my scrotum is involved!

Bodhi said...



I will refrain will sharing details of my well experienced manscaping talents, as last time I shared here at Mikey's blog my then flatmate but now boy-friended and occasional visitor Andrew, j'accuse moi of 'over-sharing'.

Anyhoo, what I will say is that only last week I bought myself a spanking new hairclipper set. Having entered the bathroom, I excited sometime later sporting a new look. Like a freshly shaved buddhist monk, I had left my locks behind. A spiritual re-birth. Fab!

I used to have it this way for at least five years, until around three years ago. So I am re-discovering all its joys:

- Getting away with not shaving all weekend, or even the odd weekday, and sporting the matching designer stubble look.

- The tingalicious joy of The Kid and Rabbit running their fingers over my freshly clipped scalp

- All the saved hours and endless product from not having to stand in front of the mirror every morning and get it just right. And by just right, of course I mean not-a-hair-outta-place-bloody-perfect.

- Thursdays home early as I don't have to make my weekly pilgrimage to my Italian Hairdressers halfway across the city. I am sure they are both crying into their expresso's.

- It looks sexy. And I can assure you that I am not the only one who thinks so.

So, at least till I am bored and again wish to re-invent myself, I remain a 'space monkey' (and if any of you bitches know that word reference I will be suitably impressed ...)

Michael said...

Oh, let me's YOU, so I'm guessing that if it's a movie reference that it's a His Bradness movie reference.....hmmmmmmm....

I'm playin'. It's Fight Club, silly rabbit!

Bodhi said...

M'kay. Maybe in hindsight I should have made that a little harder [and if any of you bitches make a viagra joke, I'm gunna bitch-slap you so hard by the time you gain consciousness your clothes will be out of fashion)

And I'm not the silly Rabbit, he's the other one.

*Pointing accusingly*