Sunday, October 09, 2005

Help's your sex I can smell

Do you check out the celebrity playlists on iTunes? I sniff around every once in a while. Jared Leto's is interesting. He's kind of a hot piece, isn't he? You might enjoy his line about why he likes The Cure's Fascination Street:

Atmospheric. Moody. Dark. Makes me want to put on
lipstick and fishnets. Enough said.

Can we really ask any more of a song?

(You need iTunes for that link to work)


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Michael said...

Hey, Chris. What up?

The Other Andrew said...

Jeebus, that Leto is a long streak of lanky goodness is he not?! Whew!

[Wilkommen Chris!]

freakgirl said...

He's getting frightfully thin, no?

Bodhi said...

"It was said that the only thing that ever defeated Alexander was Hephaistion's thighs"

I loved Leto as Hephaistion in the movie Alexander. So ... damn ... hot! The Kid and I cried like babies when he died in that movie (in all three viewings - It was Colin & Jared OK, you think we cared about minor things like a plot or storyline!).

I'm back from my 2 week holidays in ever sunny sub-tropical Brisbane with the even-more-tanned Rabbit and The Kid.

So, did you miss me?


Michael said...

He is really too thin for my taste,too, freakgirl, but he's Jordan Catalano (!), so I'll forgive him.

bodhi, I surprised myself with how much I missed you. I was all Joni Mitchell got-til-it's-gone on your ass. Welcome back!

wingedman said...


I want that kind of body. Lean, and low, low jeans.

Michael said...

How's that coming along for you, wingedman? I'm going to be need EVERY damn day between now and Christmas to get my Christmas present just like I want it. This was easier when I was younger. Like ten years younger. Like you.

Charlie said...

mmmm Jared Leto. I'm sorry what were we talking about?

wingedman said...

It's not going too well.

I refuse to do cardio, and I'm still eating unhealthy!

I'll definitely try and do something about the cardio part but I can't guarantee about the diet.

Food in Malaysia is utterly irresistible. You have to come and see for yourself.

Michael said...

I'd love to come and see for myself. You're on the list. I mean, I mean Malaysia is on the list. ::clears throat::