Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When tomorrow comes, we'll be one of them

What goes together better than zombies and knitting, people? Yep, precious little. Head on over to Dawn of the Knitted Dead and check out the rest of the yarn-y ones who are after your brains.

So, Freakgirl, Maggie, if you were, you know, wondering what to get me for Chrismukkah, here you go.

::stage whispers:: Unless you are prepared to listen to those two go ON AND ON in their crazy knitty language, don't get them started, folks. ::end whisper::

Oooh, imagine a Knitted Dead Nativity Scene!
Gosh, I sure hope I'm right about this whole "no hell" thing.

link via TSFLIM


The Other Andrew said...

Oh that is very cool. My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was a kid, but I haven't done it for like 30 years... It's hot again! I'm so old, I've seen trends come and go, twice.

(Dude, you posted this at 2.30am? Get to bed, for Chrissakes. Two words: Beauty. Sleep.)

freakgirl said...

Those are awesome. I don't think I'm skilled enough to make those yet, though. Maggie is.

savante said...

Knitting.. hell, I always knew you were good with your hands.


luscious loulou said...

Incredible idea and follow-thru. But this is a woman with a different mentality than mine. Way too finicky and not suitable for wearing. You'd have to dust'em! Eek.

I am a dayum fine knitter: very fast, even stitches, ability to look away and still knit!! and can follow a pattern for the most part but I always change it in some way: no ribbing at the bottom/ moss stitch, henley instead of turtleneck. *sigh*

Creativity: It's my gift and my curse.

Maybe a "What would Jesus do?" toque. Hmmmm.


Michael said...

Would it be an ironic toque? Love it, regardless.

Now I wanna learn how to knit. Maybe learning Mandarin will have to wait.

luscious loulou said...

A Chrismukkah toque with dreidels around the edge and a menororah/reindeer antlers (8 sticking up bits or is it 11?). Could be a bit fiddly though. Maybe put candles in the menorah like in The Ref. No, that was a Swedish wreath head thing.

I must rethink this.


The Other Andrew said...

I love that Christmas 'Swedish themed' dinner in "The Ref". Funny film, deserved to do better than it did. Pretty dark, but so funny.

Michael said...

Don't EVEN tell me you both love 'The Ref' because I will SPLIT OPEN with joy like you've not seen since Celie was reunited with her kids in 'The Color Purple'.

Bodhi said...

Hell Mikey, even I love the Ref! The Kid and I watch it every Chrismukkah now without fail as part of our compulsary seasonal viewing - its such a sweet and wholesome family holiday season film, don't ya think?

OK. We are both dark and twisted little s**ts.

*Sigh*. I couldn't be more proud.

The Other Andrew said...

Dude, I heart it so much I went out and bought the soudtrack, like, years ago. Wonderful music by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).

Prepare to split girlfriend.

Judy Davis's tyrade about 'a truck-stoip waitress with pineapple earrings' still cracks my shit up. "I've kidnapped my fucking parents..."

Bodhi said...

Ohhh, and not to mention there is nothing like an added joyous seasonal rendition of Dennis Leary's, "I'm an Arsehole", to add to the festivity.

freakgirl said...

Denis Leary has a Christmas song, too:

Michael said...

I don't think I've heard that? Is it SO very funny?