Monday, October 31, 2005

Yo, I was born wif a rusty spoon as a moufpiece

Happy Halloween, guys! Care to be creeped out a little for the holiday? Check out my boi, Salad Fingers, and tell me what you think. He enjoys caressing rusty items. It's a flash thingy and there is audio with some suggestive moaning, like when he notices the doorbell is rustily begging to be fondled.

link via Dlisted


Curtis said...

Yes. That's pretty creepy. Do YOU have some rusty spoons just lying about?

Bodhi said...

rustily begging to be fondled

Yah, that about sums up my mood today :-)

By the way Mikey, its Melbourne Cup Race Day here in Australia, when the whole national literally stops for a three and a half minute horse race. Suffice to say, I will be dining and grazing at the corporate trough here much of the day at work. Is there any better words than "free lunch"? I thought not

But I am dressed for the occasion in my three piece charcoal black suit. The one I have often talked about, the one that makes me look damn good. Thought you might wanna know, sweetness, cause I'm damn fondable. Should I whip it out for ya? ;-)

Michael said...

Curtis, don't even say it! I love Salad Fingers and I'm terrified of Salad Fingers. I just know I'm going to see him down the hallway out of the corner of my eye ala 'The Sixth Sense'.

Love a free lunch. There are usually strings attached. Love strings. Bodhi, you don't have to whip it out, I'll get that for ya.

Seriously, Salad Fingers reminds me of a grown up version of that kid from grade school who ate bugs. You remember him.

daniel said...

I love the Salad Fingers, but I'm weird like that. There's a few more, it's a series....

Michael said...

Whoa, Daniel, I just stumbled onto it. I thought the first episode was way creepy. Until I saw the second episode. I kinda wanna watch the rest, but I'm askeered.