Sunday, October 30, 2005

If you wanna go and take a ride wit me

 If you wanna ride along, we'll have to move this shit outta the way, first. This is an unstaged snapshot of the passenger seat of my car, as it typically appears. Books, music, and snack items. My life in microcosm. Posted by Picasa


wingedman said...

I know! It's just so convenient isn't it? All that cushioned expanse, especially when no one's using it or anything. At least your stuff is stacked nicely.

Go Coldplay!

And may I say for the record, what a nice, long, perfectly formed banana you have there, Michael.

Michael said...

Sadly, Master Will, that cushioned expanse has rarely been used, as is evidenced by the fairly pristine condition of the perforated leather.

Also, thanks for lovin' on my banana, chica.

luscious loulou said...

Clif bars so Rock. Keep your Power Bars. Luna bars aren't bad but not as texturised. I usually take an apple but your banana, as previously noted, is quite divine.

My passenger seat has dog hair (he jumps up front when I leave him for 2 secs) and my unlocked Club and... this makes me realise that I should go clean my car.


The Other Andrew said...

Dude, how long have you been reading 'The Power of Myth'? Like, finish it already...


I just started reading 'Son of a Witch' by Gregory Maguire. Woot! (A friend of mine bought me the first edition hardback as a belated birthday gift, and I just happened by coincidence to be re-reading 'Wicked' when he gave it to me.)

Michael said...

Yes, the Clif bars are singular in their snacky, meal replacey goodness. Organic. Packed with protein. What's not to love? So, loulou, what kind of doggie has you?

Andrew, I know! I've been reading it forever, but I finished it over the weekend. I went slow (months!), which I never do, but for me there were SO MANY morsels of truth and goodness that I savored. So many pages turned over. Now, however, I'm already immersed in VENEZIA and interesting characters already abound. I knew Berendt would be gently stroking my travel jonz but I didn't know I'd be so tumescent by page 35!

The softer I stroke, the harder you ache

The Other Andrew said...

Mikey, you had me at 'tumescent'.

Is it weird to be such a vocabulary whore?

Bodhi said...

"Mikey, you had me at 'tumescent'. Is it weird to be such a vocabulary whore?"

Andrew, your quote here reminded me of the scene in the movie Threesome, where straight-girl Alex (played by Lara Flyn Boyle) is completely getting off on a library table (I kid you not) as gay-boy Eddy (Josh Charles) uses his extensive vocabulary on her. She too, it seems, is quite the vocab whore.

I have no shame in admitting that straight-boy Stuart (played by Stephen Baldwin) in that movie made me so tumescent as to give me a priapism.


Michael said...

A, you are barking up the wrong tree if you think I'll judge you for that. I think I mentioned once that a certain porn star had me at "foudroyant"?

I remember that movie, bodhi, but was it really called "Threesome"?

And speaking of permaboner, and since I'm shameless today, I woke up in the middle of the night SO HARD and SO needing to pee that I really had to contort myself fantastically to hit the bowl because who can wait it out at a time like that?

Bodhi said...

Yes, it was called Threesome.

Believe me, I own a copy.

The Other Andrew said...

Ack, I know. Pee-boners are often borderline painful and there is nothing more difficult than trying to 'go' and contort yourself so it actually goes into the bowl.

(Listening ladies? We got your 'secret men's business' right here.)

The Other Andrew said...

I didn't like the movie Threesome that much, ok but not brilliant, and Josh Whatsisname is cuter imho than the Baldwin.

Bodhi said...

"Josh Whatsisname is cuter imho than the Baldwin

[Audible intake of breath]


Michael said...

I have to side with Andrew on this one, B. Not a fan of any Baldwin brother, unless you're talking Adam. Break me off a piece of a man named Jayne any day of the week. I saw "Serenity" again this weekend.
Although, I have to admit I've been charmed by big, fat, old Alec during this season of "Will and Grace". He's got impeccable comic timing. Who knew? I'd hit that.

The Other Andrew said...

Adam Baldwin is teh sexy, Stephen Baldwin looks like he needs a scrub down with something antiseptic.

Bodhi said...

Ignore them Stephen, I still loves ya Bro. You are wayyyy sexy Dude. You can join me on my bed anytime to dance to the Boom Shak-a-Lak song:

Wine your body wriggle your belly
Dip and go down in a new stylee
Wine and go up wine and go down
Bubble and a rock in the new style around
You fe line it up
You fe wine it up
Do the boom shack-a-lak
Till the dancehall full up

The boom shack-a-lak it are the brand new style
Wicked say it wicked Jah Jah no say it wild
The raggamuffin style fe the discipline child
Dip and go down ca it well versatile
You fe move fe your waist move fe your back
Wine and go down
Do the shack-a-lak-a-lak
Get in a groove ca you are the top notch
Bubble and a wine gal right pon the spot

Wine your body ...

[PS. If need be sweetie, I am happy to give you a sponge bath using a large bottle of Detol, m'kay?]

The Other Andrew said...

Actually I saw a pic of the non-actor wheelchair bound Baldwin brother, he was very attractive. Adam still wins hands down.

Bodhi said...

Hands down where? ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

..and big hands too.

Bodhi said...

and we all know what that means, huh?

Bodhi said...

Big gloves ... usually :-(