Thursday, October 06, 2005

It don't matter what you wear, they're checkin' out your savoir faire

I'm not bicoastal, bilingual or bisexual (despite all those early forays into the field/folds), but now, thanks to freakgirl's kind invitation, I'm bi-URL (?). Well, at least a little bit. I'm one week into a tiny little segment called Phil's Phashion Corner, analyzing the attire of Phil Keoghan, our archbrowed hottie host of The Amazing Race. Go over to Too Much Free Time and check it out, but be warned (Andrew!) that spoilers are afoot if you live in backward hemispheres of belated tv. Max started this little Philworship, and I'm like Leno to his Carson, so I figure I have a week or two left before they politely decline my submission. Also, if you do read it, I ask that you not picture me as Carson Kressley. Or Cojo.

ADDED: I'm not ambidextrous, either, really. I do everything with my right hand, save one thing.


Jen said...

I love that you're taking over Phil's Phashion Corner. I learned things from Max and now I shall learn from you.

Also, FYI: in my mental image of you, you are very butch and muscle-y.

Michael said...

Ooh, I'm kinda hot. In your head.

The Other Andrew said...

Yay phor Phil's Phashion Corner. Once TAR starts down here I'll be sure and log on and read it. Just think, everything old will be new again! Your words will live on!

BTW - love the RuPaul lyric shout-out. I met Ru and later exchanged a couple of emails, absolute doll! Very sweet.

Michael said...

You met 'Ru', did you? She's a doll, is she? ;-)

So will my dissection of the PhilAttire be my legacy? Fine.

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, Ru did a teeny tiny little promo thing at a nightclub here in Sydney waaaaaay back in the 'Supermodel' days. Got a chance to say 'Hi'. Then years later when I found his blog I shot him an email saying 'thanks for giving me such a great night' and he wrote back the sweetest email. Did the to and fro a few times. Very sweet person, and very good live. He sang with just a backing vocal and musical track when he did the promo, and dude/lady can sing!