Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout

Who would have thought, on an Oprah show featuring Nate Berkus and Ricky Martin, that I would be most charmed by the creature sandwiched between them, namely Reese Witherspoon? She's a beautiful, sweet and typically Southern girl with a good head on her shoulders, it seems. This only reinforced my previous yen to check out Walk The Line.


Max said...

RW rocked on Oprah--I thought ol' O was about to offer Reese her own afternoon talk show (and I'd watch!).

Of course, there was a pretty devastating slam of Legally Blonde on The Office last night, too, to keep the universe in balance.

Michael said...

Both gals hail from Nashville and they hit it off. Reese is a charming woman.

It's funny, my sister grew up a Buckeye, but after 5 years in Nashville and now almost as long in Pensacola, she is so Southern, a little in accent, but mostly in attitude. Makes me love her even more somehow.

yaniboy said...

You know what's really twisted... I looked at the picture that goes along with this post and was thinking "Why did he put a pic of Sigourney Weaver with this post?"... took me a minute of good hard looking to work it out was actually Reese...

I'm so dumb :P

Michael said...

Not so dumb, yaniboy. Reese is really workin' it as June Carter Cash.
She and Joaquin SING in this movie!
Have I mentioned she charmed my pants off on Oprah. And dude, have you SEEN her husband?