Friday, October 21, 2005

Home, where my music's playing, home, where my love lies waiting

The high school kids in Buffalo Grove, IL elected a Homecoming king and queen a few weeks back. A jock and a cheerleader. Big news, right? Well, she's the jock and he's the cheerleader and they are both openly gay. Warms my goddamned heart, people. Seriously, it touches me, specifically the part of me that was so scared all through high school. Don't get me wrong, I had a good time then and I had lots of friends and I was Most Likely this and Best that, but it was all premised on being very careful.

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freakgirl said...

Most Likely to what? Best what?

Inquiring minds want to know. Especially those of us who were invisible in high school. :)

Michael said...

Oh god. It was a LONG time ago. See how I pretended that I don't want to tell there? First, you have to understand that the regular guys liked me because I was one of them then, and the girls liked me because who's more fun to chat with than a homo, right?
Most Likely To Succeed
Best Dressed (You're a guy but you love to shop! That's so cool!)
Best Sense of Humor (in order to get this one you have to imagine how my sophomoric juvenalia (?) played with, well, the juveniles).
So that's it. And no, not Best Looking, not by a longshot, so just disabuse yourselves of that notion right now, Aussies.

Michael said...

P.S. Aren't those kids SO CUTE?!

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, is this what you meant when you said that one time that you spent your youth banging cheerleaders?

(PS. yes those kids are adorable!)

Michael said...

No, as I mentioned previously, I was, alas, banging the lifted, not the lifters.

wingedman said...

Best Dressed at the prom. How could you NOT be gay lol!

We don't have proms in Malaysia. Spares us a lot of worry and gives an exotic slant to all those high school hollywood movies which CANNOT do without a prom. It's like the only thing worth going to school for? My ex was so hung up about his never being able to attend his prom.

Michael said...

Hey, not just at the Prom, it was for the whole year. Don't minimize my accomplishment. ;-) It wasn't so easy to sartorially outshine 50 straight guys, at least half of them farmers.

Michael said...

PS I'm thinking about how Hollywood makes Proms appear. For me, they were fairly horrible. Not 'Carrie' horrible, but still pretty bad.

Bodhi said...


Ummmm, nope. Not working. Bro, you had me at "Oh God" (hmmmm, don't they all, but lets not go there ..], that of course and the whole shopping thing.



Michael said...

Ummmm, nope. Not working.

Oh well. It'll just make the disappointment that much more acute when I get there. It'll be fun! And yeah, I love to shop. I think your taste runs richer than mine, but I'm open to corruption. Show me why I need it.