Thursday, December 15, 2005

All the favorite TV shows have gone out the window

Granted this season of The Amazing Race was overdue to be ushered gently into the dark night, but I gotta say it--I miss those crazy Linz kids already. Part of it is they were so familiar. They're from Cincinnati where I lived for many years. Cincy is just down the road from where I sit now (PS I'm wearing a nice crisp pair of grey wool pants with just a hint of lycra added to give where I need some give)(oh, and I busted out the 2xist briefs, again with the giving, and it's not even a special occasion). They remind me of how my family and friends were at that age. We weren't as hot as them, but otherwise. I never thought I'd say this, but now I want TAR All-Stars. Before you argue, it could be cool! Who would you bring back from TARs gone by? Reichen, no question, but Chip? Could we re-pair teams with different partners? Jon, yes! Kelly, no. The clowns! Chip and Kim. Remember Blake and Paige, that adorable pair who were not only brother and sister, but also (creepily) best friends? There are so many people I'd love to see again and no, not all of them are hard and hirsute. Of course it would be the standard teams of two, so we'd have to jettison some Linzs. I say we keep Nick and Bone, but possibly Alex. Megan's gone, of course.


freakgirl said...

Just watch TAR repeats on Game Show Network! Last night we got to relive Charla getting electrocuted by a cow fence. Good times.

I'd kill to see Kevin and Drew race again, I would.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm glad my TAR love wasn't tainted by this family season, it wasn't shown here. The next season TAR racers were in Australia recently, filming in Fremantle (near Perth). Woohoo! Hopefully we'll get this next season, we've had all the others so far.