Friday, December 16, 2005

This is a man's world

Man, I had a horrendous day at work yesterday. We had six inches of snow in the morning. Around these parts, that grinds things to a halt. I work in a customer service job and not many folks were out and about. Some were, though, so I was here for 10 hours anyway. I was tired and bored and cranky when I got home to find that my cable was down. No television, no internet. What the fuck am I supposed to do? So frustrating. I felt much better after pulling myself off and I sat down with my big red and green salad to watch Martha Stewart cook a savory escarole and meatball soup with Il Divo. Oh, shutup. I did it in a manly fashion.
P.S. I'm not a Martha lover like some of y'all, but I do appreciate what you see in her. However, she should NEVER be allowed to do interviews. Horrid. I would have muted her, but I really did want to hear about that soup.
Added: The television came back while I was otherwise amused/occupied, but the internet never did.


freakgirl said...

Right now, meatball soup sounds fantastic. Which one of you boys wants to come over here and make it for me? :)

Jen said...

Just for the record, I don't like Martha so much as I like the end results of her evil perfectionism. Which is definitely a sketchy ethic, but so long as she keeps to the realm of fancy-shmancy pies, stunningly efficient cookware, and ridiculously over-complicated salads, I can probably keep right on rationalizing it.

Michael said...

Nobody asked, but my delicious salad is ridiculously easy:

baby spinach
grape tomatoes
chopped red bell pepper
cubed avocado
lump crab or cod-based fake crab
pine nuts

All that with Cindy's Kitchen Asiago and Cracked Peppercorn dressing (appropriate that 'crack' appears in the name) and you have a wildly delicious salad at a wildly exorbitant price (come to think of it).

Michael said...

Also, you know I'd love to come over there and make you meatball soup, freakgirl.

I can't say anything anymore, can I?

The Other Andrew said...

Nice pic of my new husband (second left), btw. 'Aint he pretty?

I've had the good fortune of never seeing Martha, just reading her mags. So the dream is untarnished for me.

Michael said...

Dude, it is good fortune. Her old show was alright, taped and somewhat scripted. I keep expecting this new Martha to break out in an Albert Brooks in Broadcast News flop sweat.

luscious loulou said...

You read my mind about the salad, Michael. Thanks for the recipe.

And you pulled yourself off! Hey I did that toooo (but in a girl way - eek!look awaylook away!) and then had a lovely chicken breast with some nice noodles and asian veg. Pears and custard for dessert.

Even so far away from each other, we're in a kind of weird synch even if not at the same time or day. Pleasure, always pleasure.

Spooky stuff.